This innovative Austin-based company will consolidate CRM, billing and accounting processes into one integrated solution that can meter and charge for virtually any type of usage and activity in its data center.

Austin, TX

“Staying Cool” is easy for Austin-based Midas Green Tech, which has reduced data-center operating costs with a groundbreaking technique of immersing servers in mineral oil to reduce the costs and carbon footprint of typical data-center air handling and cooling. In the vein of “cool,” Midas Green Tech has chosen Transverse's TRACT Dynamic Revenue Management™ – the only all-in-one activity-based rating, billing and subscription commerce platform.

Midas Green Tech will now be able to meter and charge for power consumption, throughput, time, CPU usage and other variables using TRACT. Additionally, the company will eliminate double entry in multiple systems, replacing its CRM system and automating its accounting and billing capabilities. This will take place with minimal data migration costs or integration headaches thanks to TRACT's on-demand environment.

Pay-as-you-go with TRACT

Midas Green Tech will also benefit from TRACT’s innovative pay-as-you-go pricing, which frees Midas Green Tech from never-ending start-up, licensing and maintenance fees. “As a company leading the green revolution in IT, the flexibility to pay only for what we use will insulate us from the possible fluctuations in the market. TRACT gives us a way to scale up and down with market trends without having to invest in enterprise software for carrier-grade rating, charging and billing platforms,” said CTO Chris Boyd.

“Transverse splits the risk with its customers,” explained Transverse CEO James Messer, referring to the fact TRACT’s pricing is proportionate to customers’ volume commitments in terms of gross billings.

In the same way that Midas’s customers no longer need to worry about raised floors, air conditioning, fans and the myriads of equipment typical in data centers, TRACT customers avoid unnecessary billing infrastructure cost and risks by leveraging TRACT’s SaaS environment.

“Our clients on-board customers, process orders, provision and activate services, charge, bill and process payments through what we call the Order-To-Cash cycle,' as well as further expand the number of revenue streams per customer through robust subscription and activity management, entitlements and personalization capabilities available with TRACT’s Activity-To-Cash™capabilities ,” added Messer. “The combination of the two is what we call ‘Dynamic Revenue Management,” the ability to generate combined revenue streams from each customer by managing and monetizing the ways in which they actually use your services.”

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