Leader in cloud-based recurring revenue management solutions extends reach into Fortune 1000 business market through partnership with well-established business consulting and technology firm.

Austin, Texas – December 15, 2015Gotransverse, a provider of online subscription and usage-based billing solutions today announces a strategic partnership with Navint Partners to further its expansion into the Fortune 1000 business market. Navint Partners, a mid-sized business consulting and technology firm with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe, will become one of Gotransverse’s select consulting partners as the leading online subscription and usage-based billing solution provider continues to expand its reach to customer segments such as IoT, Media & Entertainment, diversified technology and software.

Gotransverse Founder and CEO, James Messer, described the development as further proof that flexible SaaS billing solutions are becoming a must-have for companies providing best-in-class customer experiences. “Navint is a natural partner for Gotransverse,” said Messer. “Customers will benefit from their domain experience in managing organizational change, process optimization, and monetization strategies. Both our companies have a “white-glove” attitude towards customers. We expect the partnership to ensure a seamless customer experience between initial the business consultation, technology selection, and subsequent implementation of subscription billing and revenue recognition platforms.”

Navint’s CEO, Jim Martindale, describes the partnership as a way to leverage Gotransverse’s fully-functional, multi-tenant SaaS platform for subscription and consumption-based monetization to extend the reach of Navint’s own consulting services in areas such as business transformation, business process optimization and IT strategy. “Navint continues to commit resources and investment to the subscription and consumption billing area, especially as we see a continued and significant shift to SaaS and Cloud based software,” said Jim Martindale, CEO of Navint Partners. “Navint already is advising companies on their monetization strategies and with the Gotransverse partnership we can now better factor in the different options to deliver new online billing solutions to support the customer strategy.”

“We see often enough that a company’s quote, order and billing capabilities are just plain broken and not delivering what customers expect or the company needs for revenue recognition,” commented Martindale, “by relying upon the Gotransverse TRACT® platform to refine the lead to cash processes, improve configure-price-quote and deploy advanced billing capabilities for revenue recognition, our clients can see significant revenue improvements”.

TRACT®, Gotransverse’s award winning platform, is designed to address the business challenges companies face when rapidly deploying new products/services with sophisticated subscription and usage-based pricing scenarios at global scale. Customers of TRACT® often accelerate top-line revenue growth and time-to-market, as well as gain visibility into revenue streams and drive operational savings. Billions of usage events are being monetized around the world each month with TRACT®.

Please visit the Gotransverse website to see how its award-winning, SaaS platform is enabling emerging markets such as Internet of Things (IoT), over-the-top (OTT), managed services, digital media by supporting their unique online billing needs, including any combinations of one-time, recurring/subscription, and usage-based offerings with near real-time metering, rating and native revenue recognition on a billing period or daily basis.

About Gotransverse

Gotransverse powers leading-edge companies who push conventional boundaries with disruptive product and services offerings. The TRACT® platform supports the monetization of any combination of one-time, subscription, and usage-based offerings with near real-time metering, rating and native revenue recognition. The result is top-line revenue growth, faster time-to-market, visibility into revenue streams and operational savings. Our customer base includes publicly traded and privately held companies typically technology-focused in cloud solutions, digital entertainment and media, Internet of Things (IoT), logistics and hosting/managed services. Visit www.gotransverse.com to learn more.

About Navint

Navint Partners, LLC (Navint) is a different kind of management consulting firm, with unique experiences and innovative thinking, advising C-Suite executives on innovative and actionable recommendations to solve their business challenges. Navint is a fast growing, mid-sized consulting and technology firm offering end-to-end capability across strategy, operations and technology. The company has a global footprint with deep experience in complex, enterprise transformation and covers a wide-range of industries, operational domains and business solutions. Visit www.Navint.com to learn more.