Billing platform gives sales, customer service and account teams additional flexibility and agility by allowing non-invoiced charges to be edited and rescheduled on the fly.

Austin, TX

TRACT, from Transverse, the all-in-one activity, rating and subscription billing platform, has been updated with enhancements and features that improve the customer experience and better ensure revenue capture on consumer pricing and payment schedules. In addition to its ability to rate, meter and charge for anything, anywhere, TRACT now enables businesses to accommodate on-the-fly changes to subscription terms and payment options.

“When your members, subscribers or customers dispute charges, customer service and account management representatives need the ability to negotiate new payment schedules and terms as a way of improving the customer experience,” said Stephan Pahlke, Vice President of Product Solutions, Transverse. “As changes occur, TRACT automatically generates invoices reflecting new contract terms – with individual charges accurately displayed in customer invoices.”

These enhancements give TRACT customers the power to negotiate better terms with customers as their circumstances change, and to reconcile and approve invoices in shorter time frames.

Other improvements include new customer-specific pricing and payment schedules, which infuse flexibility into payment plans and enable customers to divide longer-term subscriptions into multiple scheduled charges.

Additionally, TRACT is allowing for advanced schedule approvals so that approvals for specific orders occur on predetermined dates. “As plans change, the scheduled approvals can be edited and changed by the user so that the order process reflects the real implementation. This saves businesses the hassle of having to later figure out what changed from the time an order was placed to the time it was actually put into motion,” said Pahlke.

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