Austin, TX – October 10, 2017 – Gotransverse, the award-winning leader in dynamic monetization solutions, today announced that the Fall ‘17 release of their TRACT™ platform helps customers improve usability, enhance performance and create better customer experiences through payment, data access and pricing enhancements.

“Our Fall ‘17 release is focused on increased usability as well as improvements to performance, extensibility and scalability. These are critical factors for our clients as they compete to get to market quickly, efficiently and affordably,” said James Messer, CEO of Gotransverse. “As businesses continue to evolve into pay-as-you-go relationships with customers, the key to success lies in the ability to offer the flexibility desired while keeping business and financial operations error free and as simple as possible. Our goal at Gotransverse is to help our clients’ turn their billing into a competitive advantage.”

New User Interface Improves Usability and Onboarding, Includes Intuitive Navigation and Simplified Access to Data

The TRACT 2.0 User Interface allows users to select from a number of modular applications based on business function. The initial release includes the Account Billing app, which was purpose-built for the Customer Service Representative (CSR) use case. With a focus on usability, the interface streamlines billing account creation, order creation, account service management, payment creation and account adjustments for CSRs. The enhanced, intuitive navigation accelerates onboarding and increases CSR productivity. The UI integrates seamlessly with the TRACT API-driven microservice architecture, allowing a highly extensible plug and play environment. User configurable table layouts allow users to define and organize data according to their needs. These table layouts provide a simplified, automated way to export data out of the system for easy access, analysis and action.

Next Generation Microservices-based API Architecture Increases Performance, Augments Extensibility and Scale

The next generation API in TRACT focuses on Internet scale, performance enhancements and extensibility. The open API microservice architecture is modular; each microservice is unique, independent, and able to evolve to provide increased value to the platform without requiring an update to a monolithic core application that older legacy architecture patterns require. TRACT API microservices use a JSON-based REST interface. Included is a new microservice version of our billing API, in addition to our existing XML-based SOAP/REST API. This modern architecture makes the billing microservice faster and easier to integrate, allowing clients to deliver products and services to market more quickly. With key microservices already up and running on the TRACT platform, the release of the new Billing API signals the continuation of larger platform improvements to TRACT.

New Payment Matching Functionality Simplifies Payment Remediation and Reconciliation

The Payment Matching microservice automates matching batch payments at global scale by sorting myriad files, interpreting business logic, matching payments to orders and reconciling lockbox payments. For large B2B organizations who employ manual batch processes of payments, this microservice saves time, frees resources and eliminates errors and customer satisfaction issues. The Payment Matching feature is highly configurable, allowing clients to define new business rules as needed. The feature is accessible through API as well as the newly released TRACT 2.0 User Interface.

Cross Service Volume Pricing Provides More Flexible Pricing Strategies, Rewarding the Best Customers Regardless of Product Line

A cross service volume pricing feature has been added to the TRACT tiered pricing model. Clients are able to define pricing groups comprised of multiple products and services to determine tiered rates. The feature allows you to reward your best customers for buying more from you, regardless of product line. This feature enables more pricing options, more flexibility in how pricing models are developed and ultimately is designed to result in more attractive and profitable product offerings.

Negative Contributions to Prepaid Balances and Custom Additional Fee Rules Provide Flexibility and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Financial professionals will appreciate the added flexibility of processing negative contributions to prepaid balances for simplified customer account maintenance. This allows easier control over balances to more efficiently correct problems or issue refunds. New features have also been added for Additional Fee processing, enabling complex business logic to be considered when issuing fees or giving discounts. Clients now have the flexibility to include complex usage, volume, minimums, break points, etc. when setting fees for their customer base. This helps capture more revenue, reward the best customers and incent them towards the most profitable behaviors.

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