New TRACT® Billing release enables invoice transparency, adds customized renewal options, and provides unique information to better manage customer activity.

Austin, TX - October 23, 2012 - Gotransverse today announced the October 2012 release updates for TRACT® Billing – the only all-in-one activity-based billing, metering/rating, and subscription management platform. The release includes new features that help businesses manage their customers’ accounts and tailor invoicing options.

“We continually improve our cloud-based TRACT® Billing platform to provide businesses with the most dynamic billing options available,” said Stephan Pahlke, vice president of product solutions at Transverse. “With this release, we are helping businesses use valuable billing data as a strategic marketing tool and as a way to enhance customer support.”

TRACT® Offers Invoice Transparency Option for Customers

The ability to monitor activities or usage in real-time set TRACT apart from competitive platforms. The October 2012 TRACT release gives businesses the option to keep customers better informed by presenting on the invoice a current balance on those activities. This feature is especially useful for customers who have purchased one-time bucket or allowance. For example, a customer who purchased a one-time package for 10 GBs worth of downloads with no expiration will now be able track consumption of that 10 GBs of downloads monthly on their invoice.

TRACT® Provides Customized Renewal Generation

Renewals are an essential mechanism for companies with recurring revenue. While TRACT has long enabled the automatic renewal of licenses or subscriptions at the end-of-term, the October 2012 TRACT release empowers businesses to customize renewal notifications as a customer’s service nears the expiration date. Businesses will now be able to send personalized marketing messages to customers notifying them of approaching service expiration and present renewal promotions or incentives.

TRACT® Makes it Easier to Uniquely Identify Customer Behavior

Customer analytics provide a powerful tool for understanding your customers better and improving your business. However, gleaning insight from analytics requires that the correct data is collected and interpreted, making unique service identifiers (e.g., license keys, usernames, email, or phone number) a key component to activity-based billing. Businesses can use the enhanced Service Identifier Management capability from TRACT to uniquely identify customers by a variety of service identifiers. For example, a TRACT customer can upload license keys into TRACT and be able to dynamically assign these to users as they purchase software, saving time and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In addition to helping businesses manage these key identifiers, users can also search, filter, view details with history or simply glance at an overview of customer purchasing behavior, yielding valuable data that can enhance customer support and up-sell opportunities.