Enhancements to the intelligent billing platform include multiple business entity support, new usage-based microservices and greater flexibility in product catalog and financial reporting functionality.

AUSTIN, Texas — June 20, 2017 — Gotransverse, the award-winning leader in dynamic monetization solutions, today announced that the Summer ‘17 release of TRACT helps customers improve speed-to-market with greater efficiency by leveraging extensible microservices and supporting multiple business entities.

“Our development process is focused on supporting customers rapidly rollout and monetize new business models,” said James Messer, CEO of Gotransverse. “We have added new ways for our customers to create exceptional experiences for their customers, both internal and external, with configurable attributes inside a single tenant. We have also added more efficient processing services, so clients can optimize these new business models and scale as they grow. The features added to this release of TRACT are already helping our customers get to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Multiple Business Entity Support Speeds Implementation
For large enterprises with a range of business units operating independently (own P&L) from one another, TRACT now can support multiple business entities. Instead of managing multiple tenant installations separately, organizations can now use account categories to support each business entity from within a single instance of TRACT. Each business unit can configure invoice branding, invoicing numbers, notifications and much more to meet their unique specifications. Administrators, however, have a single administrative control from which to manage business operations. Enterprise-wide data is now easily accessible within a common view across all entities for reporting and visibility. Components can also be shared down to the business entities as well. Multiple business entity support in TRACT gives corporate leaders the ability to control the underlying structure while empowering individual business units to configure and personalize TRACT to meet their needs. Ultimately, this new feature helps enterprises speed implementation while reducing risk. It also helps individual business entities within the organization configure the solution for their end customers.

New Microservices Increase Efficiency and Extensibility
Several new microservices have been added to TRACT providing more efficient processing options for analytics, tax enhancements and currency exchange. The new Usage Processing Pipeline allows sophisticated analysis of usage data and “what-if” analysis. This analysis can be performed across a pipeline of stages from pre-processing to post-processing so users can vigilantly monitor usage data for opportunities to improve systems and reduce costs. In addition to the Usage Data Pipeline, a new Tax Microservice enhances tax processing, and a new Currency Microservice improves the efficiency of currency conversion, including support for additional currencies.

Product Catalog Enhancements that Prevent SKU Proliferation
One of the biggest enemies of an efficient billing process is a sprawling product catalog. TRACT prevents the proliferation of SKU numbers and discounts by continuously improving the way it handles product catalog configuration. In the latest release, new enhancements allow for immediate order approvals to reduce the need for new product creation. TRACT also allows tiered and tapered price overrides that shift entire pricing structures without the need for additional discounts or SKU numbers. By listening to feedback and analyzing how customers use the system, TRACT’s market-leading product catalog management capabilities have been further extended to help enterprises prevent SKU proliferation in their product catalogs.

Additional Financial Enhancements
Financial professionals will enjoy the added flexibility of new custom fields for account categories. The added attributes can drive downstream activity or pass information to the general ledger or other systems. This feature benefits enterprises with multiple business units or entities and their unique needs. Other financial enhancements include new features for Additional Fee processing to assess whether certain conditions have been met, such as meetings a minimum billing requirement. These features can be configured to the billing account custom field values. These enhancements add even more configurability options to TRACT, so that enterprises can reduce their dependency on error-prone, manual processes.

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