The April 2012 release of TRACT empowers businesses with insightful analytics.

Austin, TX

Transverse today announced enhancements to TRACT®, the all-in-one subscription management, rating and activity-billing platform. The April 2012 release of TRACT features new capabilities for analyzing customers' activities and subscriptions, processing payments, applying discounts and commissions, as well as a custom module for integrating billing with SugarCRM.

“As businesses switch to activity-based billing from standard subscriptions, a deeper pool of information on customer activity becomes available for analysis and application,” said Stephan Pahlke, vice president of product solutions at Transverse. “With this release, TRACT provides insightful dashboards that pull real-time customer trend and consumption metrics about how and when customers are using products or services – per day or month, peak usage times, or average revenue per product – in addition to traditional metrics like monthly recurring revenue or standard churn.”

The April 2012 release of TRACT offers customers:

  • Increased Security and Convenience with PayPal Integration: The April release of TRACT adds PayPal as both a payment method and as a payment gateway for processing of credit and debit cards. This enables businesses to offer customers yet another means of secure payments and expedites the payment process;
  • Discount and Commission Management: TRACT now offers enhanced capabilities for applying discounts and commissions, as well as building out complex revenue-share business models. This can help ensure greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as streamlined and accurate billing automation;
  • A Configurable SugarCRM Module: Subscription and activity-based billing is now available to SugarCRM customers using the TRACT module. Customers can upload the TRACT module into their existing SugarCRM environments to automate billing, avoid data duplication or the need for double entry, and garner insightful customer data all within the CRM system;
  • Activity-Aware Dashboards: New TRACT dashboards that arm business users with insightful activity-based analytics that help companies segment customers and create more personalized product offers. Dashboards display data on how customers are actually using services, including metrics on activity-based revenue, activity consumption, and activity trends.