New TRACT® release facilitates editing, verification, consolidation, and payment routing for high-volume billing customers

Austin, TX - July 25, 2012 - Gotransverse today unveiled the July 2012 release updates for TRACT® – the all-in-one activity-based billing, rating, and subscription management platform. The July 2012 TRACT® Billing release makes it easier for businesses to manage large quantities of transactions and invoices that often can become unwieldy, impacting customer satisfaction.

Ensure Billing Accuracy with Activity Editing and Voiding

“When businesses process thousands or millions of customer transactions each day, mistakes will happen,” said Stephan Pahlke, vice president of product solutions at Gotransverse. “While most errors are innocent – the wrong configuration, mistaken user information or unclear customer care notes – an incorrect invoice can quickly sour a customer relationship.”

The July TRACT release is enhanced with verification processes to guard against inaccuracies before the bill is delivered. When an error is detected on a sample invoice, customer support or operations personnel can correct the pending record before the erroneous bill is issued by editing or voiding the activity.

  • Authorized TRACT users can now edit individual fields in the activity record when an error is detected.
  • Wrong activity altogether? Authorized TRACT users can void single or multiple selected activity records directly from the account detail page. As always, permitted TRACT users can also void an entire processed activity file.

All altered activity records for the period will be re-verified by TRACT to ensure accuracy of the billing changes. The old records remain in the billing system, but are not reflected on customer invoices.

Avoid Billing Confusion and Anger

“Just because businesses process huge amounts of activities doesn’t mean customer need to see every activity on every invoice,” said Pahlke. “Showing customers too much or too little detail on an invoice can create angst and confusion.”

Now TRACT users have greater control of how purchases and consumed activities are reflected on a bill. With the latest release of TRACT, businesses can define if and how activities are aggregated and shown on a bill (e.g., 10,000 monthly downloads shown as a summary download activity), and avoid the same billing confusion that resulted when AT&T first launched the Apple iPhone. Don’t let an otherwise positive customer experience be ruined by bill shock.

Specify How Payments are Processed

Activity-based billing can help companies establish better relationships with their customers based on customization and personalization. Similarly, TRACT now enables businesses to set rules for how payments are routed. For example, all American Express transactions may be routed to CyberSource, while other credit cards are processed by First Data. With this new feature, companies can configure gateway routing to take advantage of special agreements, international commerce or transaction volume discounts from specific payment gateways.