TRACT’s multi-tenant SaaS-based solution considered for the coveted CommIT trophy at TM Forum’s Management World Expo

Austin, TX

Transverse LLC and its flagship activity-based billing platform, TRACT, have been nominated for a Pipeline 2012 Innovation Award. Transverse was nominated in the Cloud Innovation category, which recognizes innovations in cloud-related technologies.

“TRACT brings all the robust functionality and capability of sophisticated, legacy billing solutions, but without the capital expenditures and change-management revenue model,” said James Messer, CEO and co-founder of Transverse. “Our cloud-based billing platform streamlines the implementation process so businesses can focus on their core competencies.”

TRACT’s multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offers subscription-oriented companies real-time rating, charging and analytics in a service-oriented architecture designed to spread efficiencies, cost savings and benefits across its customer base. With TRACT’s SaaS activity-based billing platform, companies can:

  • Rapidly evolve revenue streams around emerging business trends;
  • Quickly understand opportunities and threats, then proactively address either;
  • Optimize customer experience with tailored service plans that match activity preferences.

“Our cloud billing platform allows customers to evolve beyond simply controlling price, term of an offering and a product mix,” said Messer. “TRACT provides real-time analytics and insight on customer activities, allowing our users to dynamically configure and repackage services according to customer trends.”