Austin, TX - July 23, 2013 - Gotransverse today announced that VOX Telecom, a leader in the South African telecommunications industry, has implemented TRACT® Mediation for usage-based rating and to streamline event record collection, classification and rating for its Call Accounting offering.

A provider of voice, data and collaboration services for businesses and consumers, VOX gained its considerable share of market through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. As the size and diversity of its client base expanded, the company was challenged to efficiently manage more complex mediation and rating requirements. Gotransverse offered VOX an opportunity to implement TRACT® for mediation and rating by presenting an engagement model tailored to the company’s unique requirements.

“Across the telecom industry, a common challenge is mitigating customer turnover, so providing stellar service and products to our clients is a top priority at VOX,” said Jacques du Toit, CEO, VOX Telecom. “Offering a suite of world class products is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. The commercial model and technical expertise offered by Gotransverse’s TRACT® Mediation made this solution compelling.”

VOX Telecom’s numerous contracts with multiple carriers and data sources require a rating and mediation platform with the flexibility to cater to a disparate set of requirements. Gotransverse provides its clients with in-depth training, support and administrative access to the platform, enabling VOX’s development teams to customize the platform to support evolving requirements.

“VOX’s uncompromising attitude towards service delivery has resulted in long-term partnerships with thousands of businesses, government organizations and consumers in South Africa,” said Jim Messer, co-founder and CEO of Gotransverse. “With Gotransverse, VOX will be able to capture and monitor usage data from a large number of devices across more than 100 data sources, including some legacy systems that are over 15 years old. Simple rating platforms cannot handle that kind of complexity.”

About Gotransverse

Gotransverse was founded in 2008 by billing veterans who saw an opportunity to make sophisticated billing available to more businesses. Gotransverse empowers companies to engage with customers and rapidly monetize the launch of new products and services. TRACT ®Billing from Gotransverse is the only all-in-one usage-based billing platform that can meter, rate and bill based on customer behavior. Unlike basic subscription or expensive legacy billing systems, TRACT® provides a simple solution to complex billing challenges.

About VOX Telecom

VOX Telecom Limited is a leading telecom operator, providing voice, data and collaboration services to the South African market. The Group competes in both the business and consumer sectors and has offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth as well as in Windhoek, Namibia. Established in 1998, VOX Telecom has become one of the major players in the telecoms market and is the largest telecommunications company in South Africa. More information is available at