Premier Data Access: Ultimate Data Flexibility

The Gotransverse Premier Data Access add-on gives you direct access to your data. View your Gotransverse data in your preferred reporting and analytics tool and combine with other data sets, like ERP, CRM, and provisioning data. Get a 360° view into your revenue.

Data lake

Data without Limitations

Premier Data Access gives you direct access to your data through a data lake or extracts. Get faster reports with queryable core and microservices data. Run queries and view results like all billing accounts in Texas or investigate anomalies for auditing purposes. Use it to pull business reports or combine with additional data sets. Manage the data yourself or use a Gotransverse data lake to store your data.

Preferred Data Visualization Tool

Get all of your reports in one place in a preferred reporting, analytics, AI, or ML tool. With Premier Data Access give popular reporting tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik Sense greater access to your billing and revenue management data. No need to learn a new reporting platform when you can take advantage of the tools you are using for all your other company-wide data.

Insights Across Your Business

Use Premier Data Access to make stronger, quicker business decisions by combining your usage, billing, and revenue recognition data with other important business data like your CRM, CPQ, ERP, and provisioning data. The potential is limitless. Get detailed profitability and growth dashboards, detailed campaign dashboards, analytics that go from click to revenue, and more.

Implementation & Customer Support

We are here for you. Gotransverse provides best in class support to all of our customers. Our team of billing and monetization experts are here to assist you in getting up and running with Premier Data Access. We tackle the implementation and customizations to meet your specialized reporting needs, as well as facilitate continued follow up support, so that you get the most out of your investment in the Gotransverse platform.

  • Direct access to your data
  • Use any reporting tool
  • Combine with other data sets
Premier Data Access Options

Premier Data Extracts
Read-only predefined downloads of your Gotransverse data
Up to 50 extracts per month
Best if you just need the data

Premier Data Sharing
Connect your own data lake to your Gotransverse data
Combined with data from multiple sources and sent to a reporting, analytics, AI, or ML tool of your choosing
Best if you want to manage your own Snowflake data lake

Premier Managed Data Access
Your Gotransverse data is sent to a reporting, analytics, AI, or ML tool of your choosing
Combined with data from multiple sources
Best if you want Gotransverse to manage the data lake

Datasheet: Premier Data Access
Documentation: Premier Data Access

Upgrade to Premier Data Access

Snowflake Connector UI

Run queries and view results. For example, if you want to view all billing accounts in Texas or investigate anomalies for auditing purposes.

Premier Data Access Workflows

Set up the workflows that work for you and meet your data-driven business needs.

Use Case Example and Workflow

A typical use case for Premier Data Access would be to make a summary, or aggregate, of bill cycle runs over time so you can see the number of accounts, number of invoices, and amount of each bill cycle run. Get insight into changes between time periods and missed charges, comparing bill cycles without the need to delve into general ledger.