7 Intelligent Insights for Product Leaders

As someone responsible for steering the success of a platform, your typical day may involve anything from strategy planning and heading up cross-functional team meetings to running SQL queries. Keeping everything on track can be a challenge, especially when you’re saddled with an outmoded billing system.

Having to work within the constraints of a legacy billing platform not only increases your workload, but it can leave you in the dark in terms of valuable insights you could be missing out on. That’s why an increasing number of product leaders at organizations are turning to intelligent billing platforms.

Intelligent billing platforms allow you to dynamically track and bill on a global scale for anything that can be measured. You can bundle, price and charge for a wide range of use cases, while accurately processing usage allowances and overage charges. Unlocking billing intelligence at your organization also provides your team with specific insights that can be leveraged to streamline product management and boost revenue.

In the ebook we cover seven insights companies stand to gain by ditching a legacy billing system in favor of an intelligent platform. The topics we cover are:

  • Supply & Demand
  • Product Trajectory
  • Product Value
  • Customer Growth Rate
  • Resource Prioritization
  • Profit Management

Download the full ebook to learn the key insights that will help your business move as the market and users move.