7 Intelligent Insights for SaaS Product Leaders

Are you running a SaaS business? Are you thinking about pivoting your business application to a SaaS model? If you are, you are no doubt aware of the challenges of monetizing your product. Billing based on usage, offering and testing different product tiers, and having the flexibility to quickly adjust pricing strategies can feel impossible with legacy billing platforms.

We get asked a lot about the types of metrics needed to run a successful SaaS business. Things like, "What are the important KPIs for SaaS and how do I track them," and "How do we measure monthly recurring revenue vs. committed monthly revenue," "What is our customer churn rate," etc...

To help answer these questions, we have compiled an ebook of the top 7 insights SaaS companies stand to gain by ditching a legacy billing system in favor of an intelligent platform.

  • Supply & Demand
  • Product Trajectory
  • Product Value
  • Customer Growth Rate
  • Resource Prioritization
  • Profit Management

Download the full ebook to learn the key insights that will help your SaaS business move as the market and users move.