Aligning data for IoT: Scale, automate, and monetize with Gotransverse

by Kristen Nicole

While the Internet of Things has been a consumer-centric concept representing the data deluge benefiting the most innovative of enterprises in recent years, the discussion is beginning to shift to business methodologies as the IoT market finds its footing. What does it mean to glean insight from the billions of connected devices expected to populate the earth in the coming decade, and how are traditional businesses evolving for new opportunities?

Billing services has seen a natural transition to IoT monetization, having the data bedrock to extend subscription services and usage-based pricing. Today we hear from Gotransverse President Michael Beamer, who explains his company’s journey into the world of IoT and why the market is bigger than just subscriptions. As a SaaS provider of billing services, Gotransverse LLC has seen firsthand the successful methods applied to cloud scaling and automation, two key areas aiding in IoT prosperity.

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