CIO Review: Gotransverse Included in List of 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers

"Connectivity’ is a pioneering idea that has revolutionized the technological landscape. Right from basic telephonic systems to advanced wireless accessories, everything revolves around an initiative to craft a connected world. Amid this large arena of connectivity, lies the booming landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) that has spread its wings to foster a whole new era of intelligence.

Realizing this crucial need of intelligence, today’s enterprises are embracing the concept of IoT to significantly improve business performance, profitability, and customer-experience. Retailers, warehouse systems, and manufacturers have already employed IoT within their workspace and are experiencing benefits of the connected world.

In spite of its current limited coverage, experts of the IT industry foresee high demand for IoT deployments in the coming future. All along this growth is the emerging trend for Edge Computing in the field of IoT. Edge computing is an idea where one captures, processes, and stores the information locally. This allows organizations to filter out the inconsequential messages while also augment the value of existing data. The other advantages include — deployment of smaller and simplified sensors and the application of security at a local level.

Citing these innovative trends and expansion of IoT, the necessity for competent IoT solution providers has increased immensely. Subsequently, a number of companies have achieved distinction in delivering these services. In the last few months, we have come across hundreds of IoT solution providers and shortlisted some of the pioneering companies who have helped manufacturers, retailers, and several other enterprises in tackling the IoT’s impediments. We present you 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers 2015."

- CIO Review Magazine, November 2015.

To read the entire publication, see the November Issue.