Digital Transformation: Foundations for Pivoting your Business

Learn from Gotransverse, Accenture, and Workday how pivoting focus from Quote-to-Cash initiatives to the Product-Price-Profit Loop can lead to a profitable future.

Looking back over the past twenty years in the enterprise software space, a key theme in mindshare among CIOs, CFOs, and CROs alike has been the focus on Quote-to-Cash initiatives. Following the drive to update ERP systems, this Front Office revolution dominated the enterprise space over the past couple of decades with a relentless push to optimize the customer-facing experience. From QUOTE functionality geared to make it easier to get a sales order to payments technology simplifying the collection of CASH, the Quote-to-Cash mantra swept through companies in their drive to shorten the Time-to-Value curve.

But in an era of profound disruption of business models across industries the drive to optimize existing processes is not enough to maintain value and drive top-line growth. Savvy businesses that want to disrupt or self-disrupt (changing their model on their terms before others do it for them) are looking for a new paradigm that provides the ability to continually pivot their model and evolve as they gain data and insights into their customer’s needs, unlocking value in new and unique ways. Gotransverse, Accenture, and Workday together have all begun talking to our customers about the Product-Price-Profit Loop – a closed loop that allows you to quickly innovate and continually ride the wave of disruption into a profitable future.