Digital Transformation & Usage-Based Models: What it is and How to Capitalize

Join our guest, Forrester analyst, Lily Varon, and Gotransverse President, Michael Beamer, as they review the findings of the commissioned study conducted by Forrester, Capitalize on Your Digital Transformation with Usage-Based Models. Forrester surveyed 170 Director+ decision-makers responsible for billing platforms and heard from a wide-range of subject matter experts on the current state of usage and consumption-based pricing. They got deep in the weeds to uncover the motivations, benefits, and the challenges of implementing a usage-based business models.

Webinar attendees will get a deep dive into the study and answers to their most pressing questions like:

1. How satisfied are organizations that the business model used is the right model for your business?

2. What are company's plans for adopting a consumption- or usage-based model?

3. What challenges are organizations facing/have faced in adopting a usage- or consumption-based billing models?

4. What are the top potential benefits organizations are seeing from adopting a usage- or consumption-based model?

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