Forbes: Overcoming Hidden Costs in Billing

Founder and CEO of Gotransverse, James Messer, was featured in a Forbes article on the cost of maintaining and upgrading existing software will likely be expensive in the long run and how you can overcome them.

For many Americans, the number of monthly services that are being automatically billed is increasing. Subscription and recurring billing are the latest business models to take both the B2C and B2B markets by storm. For customers, subscription services represent lower costs and personalized convenience. For businesses, subscriptions represent recurring revenues that are more consistent and yield more profits over time.

According to CFO Research, 53% of respondents said 40% or more of their companies' revenues were from a subscription-based or usage-based model. What's more, 23% of C-suites and boards said they were incorporating recurring revenue into their future strategy, and 17% were planning to launch a recurring revenue business in the near future...

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