A Practical Guide to Monetizing the Internet of Things

We’re living in an interesting time. The Internet of Things and all it entails has the potential to fundamentally change the nature of business. It really is as important as all of the news stories, analyst reports, and blogs have made it seem. Or, at least, it could be, if businesses had a clear understanding of what it means and how they can get involved.

With such popular attention, there is a danger that others will see those examples highlighted thus far – connected cars, homes, and personal wearable devices – as the only areas of opportunity. But nothing could be farther from the truth. By taking a look at what’s under IoT’s hood, we can find elements in all of our businesses that can be expanded by thinking a bit differently about our current business models.

California-based logistics specialist International Asset Systems (IAS) provides a great example of how all of these elements play together in an environment where we might not expect it.

About Scott Pezza, Managing Director of Beck Anderson Research

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