Case Study

Quisitive: Technology Solutions Provider Growing by Acquisition


Quisitive is a top-tier Microsoft consultancy specializing in implementations and cloud migrations in all three Microsoft clouds (Dynamics, Microsoft 365, and Azure). Quisitive has grown quickly through acquisitions, buying companies that have expanded their IP offerings, and consulting capabilities. With a go-to-market focus on subscription services and software, Quisitive required a billing platform that provided scale and simplified the complexities of billing for recurring services. With a focus on continual organic growth and rapid growth thru acquisition, how would they manage multiple billing systems, some homegrown, yet continue to develop and scale? How could they eliminate manual operational billing tasks while also improving insights into their subscriptions? After an extensive evaluation of multiple billing platforms, Quisitive found a partner to help tackle the problem and deliver the right solution.

Gotransverse: Chosen to Handle the Complexity, Extensibility and Scalability

Quisitive chose to partner with Gotransverse for many reasons, including:

  • The ability to solve Quisitive’s varied and complex pricing and billing models.
  • Robust APIs and extensibility of the Gotransverse platform that enables integration with other systems across the Quisitive environment.
  • A durable and scalable solution that will allow Quisitive to expand and grow in complexity and volume.
  • The high-quality relationship and approach to partnering that Gotransverse displayed during the sales engagement.
“We looked at a number of solutions and very few of them even came close to meeting our needs for extensibility and being able to handle a complex billing rule set. Combine that with the Gotransverse team’s deep billing expertise and consultative sales approach and the choice was straightforward.”

Steven Balusek, Executive Vice President, Global IT andInnovation

Background: Lack of True Visibility into Their Growing Business

Quisitive has grown substantially in recent years as part of a successful acquisition strategy. With success came challenges in their back-office systems - multiple systems handling the same functions and homegrown systems managing nuanced elements. In addition to consolidating these systems, they ultimately required a true system of record for key data needed to run their business.

They established a multi-year roadmap to consolidate these systems (ERPs, CRMs, payroll, and more). One of the largest acquisitions included a homegrown billing system that had been maintained for over 20 years and was heavily customized and unstainable. After significant investigation, Quisitive determined that building their own solution or maintaining an in-house solution was not feasible. However, finding the right solution that could meet their level of complexity and that would give them the extensibility to work in their environment and grow with them without large amounts of custom code was a challenge.

Requirements: Complex Billing Rules and Continued System Evolution

Quisitive, like many other companies, has multiple points of complexity they need to solve within billing. One of their key drivers was around multiple billing models that are unique to their business. One such model is related to subscription services which sounds simple, but for Quisitive it includes pricing rules, true-ups, rollover balances, and enforcing the expiration of rollover balances. Each requires the application of accounting rules to be accurately reflected in their general ledger (GL). Visibility into GL data is also required along the way… not just at month end.

Knowing that growth and expansion of their digital ecosystem—whether through acquisition or natural growth—inevitably will come into play, Quisitive sought a billing solution that could quickly connect other components without slowing down their business. Maintaining a large inhouse system would not work. They simply wanted to maintain the “glue” that would hold the systems together and then use best-in-class vendors for the systems themselves.

Pain: Reporting Blind Spots and High Overhead

The problems related to the current state of billing were present throughout the entire revenue pipeline.

  • Reporting. Reporting challenges were present, including limited visibility into data and a having a single-sourceof- truth. Most importantly it was challenging to see data before it hits the GL. Ultimately, Quisitive wanted to avoid any delays or inaccuracies in the financial close process.
  • Subscription Lifecycle. Quisitive had multiple systems to track and manage subscriptions. It is critical to track the lifecycle of subscriptions to be proactive with the customer around billing and renewals. For Quisitive, there were also complex rules to their subscriptions that needed to be highlighted for a complete and accurate view to drive their business.
  • Costs. Multiple systems and homegrown systems mean higher overhead costs. Any change, such as a new pricing model or new integration, means heavy development effort to lift it into place, and (in many cases) multiple systems to touch. Not only is cost a concern, but timing and speed to implement is essential. Home grown systems have ongoing technical debt and risk that must be considered.
  • Resource Utilization. With multiple systems and processes, Quisitive’s resources were tied up with manual and operational tasks that should be automated. Thus, improving speed of processes, accuracy of data, and employee productivity were key drivers. Having critical resources working on higher-value tasks improves the bottom line.

Ultimately Quisitive determined that these impacts could be resolved with Gotransverse.


Quisitive approached Gotransverse about its business challenges and how the solution could help. A team of billing experts were assembled that listened to Quisitive’s needs and developed solutions that met those needs and more. Gotransverse quickly built custom demos, performed detailed technical walk throughs that addressed Quisitive’s nuanced use cases, and ultimately solved them all. Most importantly, Gotransverse was able to show how future changes and pricing models could be easily enabled through click-not-code configurability, thus building confidence the system would grow over time with Quisitive’s evolving business and technical environment.

The Gotransverse team demonstrated value relevant to their business, were responsive, collaborative, and committed to working through the needs of Quisitive. Gotransverse was able to make sense of the complexity and build a simplified path forward. The Gotransverse solution has been able to fully automate their complex billing scenarios, removing manual processes and eliminating the need for multiple billing platforms across their business.

Gotransverse is also able to integrate disparate systems and provide easy integrations moving forward which is critical to Quisitive’s aggressive growth plans, while ensuring data visibility and accuracy throughout the business. This also ensured that they wouldn’t be hindered or slowed down in business-as-usual processes when needing to integrate future components.

For Quisitive, a personal relationship and partnership mattered. Gotransverse demonstrated not only a strong competency but also, they are a peoplebased company. Invoicing and billing is a critical system to enabling growth. Having a vendor they could rely on now and in the future was a key factor. With the guidance that Gotransverse demonstrated through navigating the complexity during the sales process, Quisitive is confident in their selection of Gotransverse as their partner.