Gotransverse: Implementing the Omni Dimensional Cloud-Based Billing System

"Founded in 2008, Gotransverse has a very interesting history of establishment. At the time, if you were distributing content over wireless networks, you had to have your software work across hundreds of unique device types and across multiple carriers, to get scale. Then Apple came out with the iPhone and changed the game. The founders realized one major reason that the carriers were caught flat-footed was because of the prohibitive time and cost to launch new products and services on the carriers’ legacy billing platforms. So a core group of technology and billing veterans saw the opportunity to offer Billing-as-a-Service via the cloud and formed Gotransverse.

What they have today is a fully-functional, multi-tenant platform, which can handle the Internet scale of IoT companies, and monetize their unique offerings. For their clients today, they are supporting monetization of billions of usage events around the world each month.

Headquartered in Austin, the company is all about processing and monetizing usage data for existing and yet to be defined consumption models, and is already having a significant impact on the creation of new products and services across a number of verticals, including telecom, transport/location-based services, utilities, industrial, healthcare, and many, many more. They have positioned themselves in the market during a time where three critical trends are emerging: innovative business platforms, technology expansions and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) offerings."

– Silicon Review, December 2015