THINKstrategies Whitepaper for Business Decision-Makers

Is Your Billing System Sabotaging Your Customers’ Experience?

With more and more products and services being made available online, an increasing number of consumers and corporate decision-makers are expecting that they can acquire what they want or need quickly and easily with a simple and intuitive transaction that makes them feel understood and appreciated.

This doesn’t just apply to the consumer world. It is applying more and more to the business world as well.

But, installing a simple billing system is just table stakes to winning and is not enough to grow customer relationships in today’s customer-driven business environment. Billing systems now need to be more than just flexible and intuitive to meet customer expectations. These systems must also be intelligent and proactive to achieve a company’s corporate objectives.

Welcome to the on-demand world in which the ‘customer experience’ begins – and too often ends – at that critical moment of purchase.

In the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): fail to provide an easy transaction mechanism for your SaaS solutions and you can kiss the customer goodbye.

Authored by Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director at THINKstrategies, Inc., this whitepaper examines:

  1. The Growing Importance of Customer Experience
  2. The Pivotal Role of Billing in the Customer Experience
  3. Key Ways Billing Systems Enhance the Customer Experience
  4. Are You Sabotaging Your Customers’ Experience?

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