Webinar: From Service to Profit - The Next Generation of IoT Application Monetization

Whether your IoT service is connecting cars, homes, appliances, wearable cameras, or other devices, one question hangs in the balance – how do you actually make money from this service? The ability to turn your IoT service into profit requires the ability to create a monetization strategy that is flexible, scalable, and working for you in real-time. It must be a transparent, smoothly implemented strategy that all stakeholders – from customers to the board – will be able to understand and comprehend.

Hear from Bryan Rank, Energy Management Platform Architect at Current, powered by GE and Michael Beamer, President of Gotransverse as they discuss how GE’s first ever IoT application, Current by GE, built a rapid time-to-market, easily configurable and cost-effective billing system that helped turn its first IoT endeavor into an energy-as-a-service reality.