Webinar: What to Know Before Purchasing a Quote-to-Cash Solution

Architecting and launching a full quote-to-cash solution is no small feat. The ability to accommodate your customers’ needs in today’s digital landscape requires more than a simple tweaking of your internal processes; it requires total transformation of the way you do business.

What if someone told you to throw out your requirements? To start fresh? Hear from Brian Rohde, Senior Director of Customer Success & Implementation at Gotransverse and Seth Gross, Solution Architect at CloudSense as they share their advice and lessons learned while on the front lines with customers implementing and evaluating quote-to-cash solutions. Brian and Seth will share behind the scenes interactions and honest opinions on what they wish customers knew when heading into evaluating the future of their quote-to-cash solution.

Attendees will leave with sound advice on best practices when implementing a quote-to-cash solution including:

1. How to think different so you don’t rebuild an old wheel out of new technology

2. How to articulate requirements to best leverage quote-to-cash technologies while meeting business needs

3. How to satisfy a new generation of buyers with consumption-based pricing models