Whitepaper: How Logistics Disruption Changes the Face of Billing

For many logistics companies, adopting technology systems to improve efficiency and minimize costs has been the solution. However, because these digital transformation initiatives have typically been scattershot, companies continue to fall behind in three key areas: customer-facing services, automation, and data management.

Customers today crave the ability to manage their orders and shipments via web and mobile apps where they can place and track orders. Our whitepaper breaks down four of the most notable innovations in customer self-service that both delight customers and improves billing efficiency and cash flow:

  • Online quoting
  • E-booking
  • Track and trace
  • Customizable reports

Our latest whitepaper, Logistics Disruption Enables New Revenue Models and Requires More Complex Billing, explores all three of those challenge areas—and their solutions—in depth. Download your copy today!

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