Whitepaper: Is Your Billing System Sabotaging Your Customers' Experience?

In the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): fail to provide an easy transaction mechanism for your SaaS solutions and you can kiss the customer goodbye.

But, installing a simple billing system is just table stakes to winning and is not enough to grow customer relationships in today’s customer-driven business environment. SaaS billing systems now need to be more than just flexible and intuitive to meet customer expectations. These systems must also be intelligent and proactive to achieve a SaaS vendor’s corporate objectives.

Authored by Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director at THINKstrategies, Inc., this whitepaper examines:

  1. How a SaaS billing system is becoming an essential mechanism in delivering a positive and pro table customer experience across the entire relationship lifecycle.
  2. A series of benchmarks to determine if they are unintentionally hurting the experience of their prospective and existing customers.

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