With 75% of the world’s economic output outside of the US, many companies look to expand internationally in order to grow their business and ultimately shareholder value. Borders are no longer barriers for brands, products, and services thanks to the rise of the digital enterprise, and fundamentally the connectivity (a.k.a. the Internet) we enjoy today.

At Gotransverse, we are proud to work with companies around the world to enhance and streamline billing processes so they can continue delighting their customers — no matter how frequently or dramatically business models continue to evolve.

Global Production Environments

One of the ways we’ve made working with far-flung customers easier is by opening new cloud production environments across the globe. Last year alone, we opened new environments in Sydney and Frankfurt (our second in the European Union) in order to better accommodate our growing client rosters in both Europe and Australia. These centrally located environments, which grow with high volumes and decrease during slow times, lower our cost to serve in each area. And those savings and benefits are passed on to our customers.

In Australia, for example, we’ve partnered with Belong, a communications company looking to expand its services to meet customer’s growing needs. Having a production environment located nearby allowed us to more effectively and efficiently automate customer billing and empower them to deliver new mobile and broadband services to their clients.

Additionally, these centers facilitate compliance with local regulations. Specifically, the EU production environment location was chosen to enable compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standard, as Gotransverse founder and CEO James Messer explains:

“European demand for quote-to-cash process flows and subscription-based business models are booming, and adding a data center operation centrally located in the EU simplifies regulatory compliance and allows us to offer configurable, scalable services adaptable to our European customers’ needs.”

The Dutch airport management company Royal Schiphol Group was the first to be supported by our newest Frankfurt environment, with additional services provided by an ancillary disaster recovery support center in Ireland.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to expanding our production facilities across the globe, we’ve extended our strategic partner program. Expanding our network of leading enterprise companies has helped us deliver more comprehensive billing and financial systems to companies around the world. Here’s how Mark Swanholm, VP of partnerships and alliances, characterizes the initiative:

“We have up-leveled our partner program to develop more intimate working relationships with key industry leaders as part of our go-to-market strategy. Our corporate culture is built on partnership, and we continue to invest time and resources working with our partners on product development and customization to power new vertical business models.”

We are a company obsessed with collaboration and built to partner, and we know that cultivating these relationships is a powerful way to broaden our reach and provide excellent service to many more companies than we could support on our own.

Our strategic partner program includes three tracks that expand the Gotransverse network:

  • Premier Partners: We collaborate with our premier partners, including Nokia, Workday, and others on planned initiatives, working together to create new capabilities, cobranded business solutions, joint go-to-market strategies, and sales and reselling engagements.
  • Consulting Partners: We work with leading business consulting partners globally, from Deloitte to PwC and beyond, providing training and documentation to help consultants understand the value Gotransverse can provide their clients. We equip these partners to demonstrate where Gotransverse fits in the enterprise monetization landscape, the features that differentiate Gotransverse intelligent billing, and how to work with customers using Gotransverse as part of digital transformation initiatives.
  • Technology Partners: Finally, we collaborate with other technology vendors such as Amazon Web Services and CloudSense to ensure smooth integration and develop value-added joint solutions. Working together at a deeper technological level, technology partners share product roadmaps, training, and certifications.

At Gotransverse, we measure our success by our clients’ success, and we are excited to be working every day to continue building a truly global roster of clients who can add automated, agile billing to their list of competitive advantages. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about further expansion initiatives. In the meantime, if your organization is looking to level up your billing systems, please reach out so we can talk about how Gotransverse can help — no matter where you’re headquartered.