The first half of 2019 was busy for Gotransverse, and what do we have to show for it? Well, for starters, two new production environments! We opened a new multi-tenant production environment in Sydney, Australia, in June, and we just opened another one in Frankfurt, Germany.

Why? To accommodate our growing lists of clients in both Australia and Europe.

In Australia, Belong is the first customer to take advantage of our new digs, as the telecom company works with us to support its sophisticated billing needs for its broadband services, including automating provisioning, tracking orders, streamlining financial processes, and providing data for analytics and revenue recognition. In Europe, our second Frankfurt production environment represents our newest addition with ancillary disaster recovery support in Ireland. Royal Schipol is the first European customer to be supported by this new environment.

“European demand for quote-to-cash process flows and subscription-based business models are booming, and adding operations centrally located in the EU simplifies regulatory compliance and allows us to offer configurable, scalable services adaptable to our European customers’ needs. Adding this production environment to our portfolio will improve Gotransverse’s ability to compete in the global market.”- James Messer, founder and CEO of Gotransverse

In Australia, says Messer, our partnership with Belong demonstrates a growing need for quote-to-cash and subscription-based transactions.

“By setting up our own production environment in Sydney, we can simplify customer deployment and support and ensure that Gotransverse services comply with Australian data security and other regulations. Adding this to our portfolio demonstrates Gotransverse’s commitment to the Australian market.”

The other key advantage of these new production environments, as Messer indicates above, is that they help us ensure regulatory compliance with the regulations of these regions. In both regions, services will conform to all area regulations, including data sovereignty. In Europe, that includes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — implemented last year to protect personal privacy — and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standard for online transactions.

Both production environments give us room to grow as we add new customers from Australia and the EU. With these environments, we will be able to create customized payment integrations to handle the disparate payment and transaction types used in European and Australian e-commerce and subscription billing. We’ll also be able to simplify transaction traceability and rules-based intelligence for our customers in both regions.

Here at Gotransverse, we’re thrilled about these new expansions. To learn how we can help power your organization’s growth — wherever you are in the world — we invite you to contact us today to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.