In a year that’s been full of challenges and uncertainties, we’ve been fortunate here at Gotransverse that there have been several silver linings. Most recently, we were thrilled to learn that we’ve been named a winner of the Austin American Statesman’s Austin Top Workplaces 2020 Award.

Even sweeter, the Statesman’s list is based entirely on employee feedback, making it a truly effective look at just what kind of workplace Gotransverse is. The survey measures 15 drivers of successful company culture, including alignment, execution, and connection, among others, and our results reflect the success that Gotransverse leadership and employees have had in bringing to life the ideal culture we strive so hard to achieve.

In a normal year, our beautiful office is the heart of that culture. Twenty-eight stories above the heart of downtown Austin and decorated with one of the world’s largest concert poster collections, our designed-for-collaboration workspace sets the tone for the creativity, camaraderie, and team spirit we value so much. Of course, this year has been anything but normal, but while the stay-at-home orders that went into effect mid-March mean we’ve missed that downtown office for nearly eight months now, they’ve also proven that our company culture is resilient enough to stay strong no matter where our employees are working from.

The Gotransverse team truly enjoys working together, and our employees are continuing to collaborate digitally, working together to support one another as teammates juggle work, children’s education, and anything else on our plates. Our twice-monthly company Zoom meetings are an important touchstone for our remote company culture, as they give our disparate departments a chance to connect with one another and request any support they might need — and to check in on how everybody’s doing in general.

Despite the undeniable personal and professional challenges this year has brought so many people and organizations, we at Gotransverse are beyond proud to say our company culture — and the incredible employees who build and maintain it every day — has helped us circle the wagons and find ways to thrive in 2020.

Here at Gotransverse, we develop software to provide cloud-based, intelligent billing systems to support some of the world’s top companies monetize their subscription and usage-based business models. As more companies adopt recurring revenue transaction models and find themselves struggling with subscription order-to-cash processing as a result, Gotransverse fills the gap with scalable monetization services including billing, rating, invoicing, collections, mediation, and revenue recognition. Our work isn’t easy, but we believe it’s so important, especially in the current climate, to support businesses with streamlined, agile billing capabilities. And we’re fortunate that our team shares that belief and the dedication to furthering our mission even when life seems to be throwing one curveball after another. This Statesman award is truly a testament to our team, without whom we couldn’t even begin to do the work that we do.

“Technological innovation and creativity are driven by happy, dedicated employees, which is why we strive to maintain a culture where everyone knows their contribution matters. Receiving an award from the Austin American-Statesman validates that we are doing something right and that our team is dedicated and committed to caring for our customers and each other. We are honored to be included as one of the top workplaces for 2020.” - James Messer, Founder and CEO, Gotransverse

During this unprecedented time — and all the time — we’re grateful for many things, and the incredible employees who made this award possible are at the top of the list. We look forward to the day we can celebrate this achievement in person.

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