This January more than ever, many of us are relishing the fresh start, the hope, and the new opportunities 2021 symbolizes. The Gotransverse team certainly is. And in the spirit of positive growth in the new year, we’re excited to share some brand-new features we added to our intelligent billing platform in 2020. Our new globalization, business intelligence, ecosystem, and personalization features are designed to provide our clients with new billing capabilities and empower them to adopt new recurring revenue and pay-as-you-go pricing strategies.

“As global companies embrace new and enhanced monetization models, we have continued to expand Gotransverse’s capabilities to make billing as frictionless as possible. We have added new business intelligence, personalization, and add-ons to increase the value of our billing platform and to power new revenue options. As subscription billing saturates global markets, we have also seen a dramatic increase in the adoption of pay-as-you-go services, and we want to make sure Gotransverse is there to support them.” - James Messer, Founder & CEO, Gotransverse

Let’s take a look at some of the new Gotransverse platform features available to global enterprises in 2021.


One of our biggest goals this year is to make it easier for our clients to do business with customers all over the world, which means equipping them to accept payments, report revenue, and manage taxes through a variety of methods and currencies. That’s why we’ve added the following integrations and capabilities:

  • Payment gateway integrations with Adyen and GoCardless will make it easier to accept payments from markets where credit cards and ACH payments aren’t as common as they are in the United States.
  • SureTax Communication and OneSource tax integration empower our clients to collect, pay, and report sales and use taxes under different geographic guidelines and regulations much more effectively and efficiently.
  • New global electronic payment capabilities, such as support for European Strong Card Authentication, multiple currency support for single customers, and extended SEPA Direct Debit payment notifications, enable streamlined payments and collections from countless countries and territories.

These new globalization features ensure that our clients can serve and delight their customers — wherever in the world they are.

Business Intelligence

In a business environment where the only constant is rapid change, transparency into every piece of the quote-to-cash process is more important than ever, and our new business intelligence features are designed to help businesses get clear on what’s happening in any workflow, for any customer, at any moment. These include the following tools:

  • New standardized reports
  • Expanded data views for core and microservice data sets


We know that no business runs on just one system, and it’s critical that all the tech underpinning your operations operates as a cohesive unit. That’s why we take our integration abilities so seriously at Gotransverse, and we’re thrilled to enhance our extensibility for 2021:

  • Externally Calculated Charge Service
  • Self-Service API Key Management
  • Extensive number API improvements including new API end-points

We’ve also added new configurable mediation services, industry-specific features, and added support for external application integrations.

As Gotransverse CEO and cofounder recently wrote in Forbes, “Whether you are undergoing a digital transformation, accommodating new market demands, or just upgrading old technology, you need a sound infrastructure to support your business. The larger the organization, the more complex the decisions become about how to build that infrastructure.” With our expanded extensibility, the Gotransverse team is stepping up our dedication to creating streamlined, seamless ecosystems for our clients.


Finally, because we know that billing is a sure way to make or break the customer experience, we’ve added several new personalization functions to enhance the customer experience — and empower our clients to tailor that experience to every customer’s unique needs — and drive new revenue streams.

  • Collections services such as added payment plans, cure notifications, and broken promise-to-pay action management help prevent missed payments and revenue leakage.
  • Extended service suspension and reactivation capabilities help customers access our clients’ services when they need them — and not when they don’t.
  • Invoice on order capabilities shorten the time from purchase to revenue.
  • Account-specific billing scheduling empowers our clients with different currency and entity combinations.
  • Extended rating and billing precision ensure end customers are being billed for exactly what they use or buy.

With billing capabilities that ensure every interaction between a brand and its customers goes smoothly, companies can turn one-time buyers into lifelong users and evangelists, growing the customer base and the bottom line.

To learn more about these new capabilities — and all the ways Gotransverse’s intelligent billing platform can ensure a frictionless end-to-end billing experience, both internally and externally, we invite you to take a virtual tour of the Gotransverse platform today. Then, when you’re ready, request a demo to speak directly with one of our experts.