Did you catch MGI’s latest Agile Billing Solution Buyer’s Guide? It may not be everybody’s idea of a New Yorks Times Best Seller or a vacation beach read, but we just can’t get enough!The report ranks leading agile billing solutions and (spoiler alert) identifies Gotransverse as number one in the Enterprise Product category. Our platform also received one of the top rankings for overall agile monetization for the enterprise, rating above its peers in other categories, including management, strategy, and finance.

What Does it Mean to Be the #1 Enterprise Product?

The Product component score on the MGI ratings focuses on the capabilities, maturity, breadth, depth, and competitiveness of a product. When it comes to the Enterprise Agile Billing Product, Gotransverse’s category, MGI looks for products that provide increasingly sophisticated capabilities designed to support companies with moderately to highly complex billing needs and large-to-very large transaction volumes.

The Gotransverse agile monetization platform was designed to help businesses increase revenue and shorten product and service time-to-market by automating sophisticated billing models based on subscription or usage-based scenarios and integrating into other business systems and advanced analytics.

In short, we fit the bill, and MGI agrees.

“Gotransverse is the top-ranked enterprise product in the Agile Billing Buyer’s Guide because of its strong solution for companies seeking sophisticated recurring revenue monetization capabilities across a mix of physical and digital goods and variety of pricing modalities.” - Andrew Dailey, Managing Director at MGI Research

The report notes Gotransverse’s knack for automating complex billing scenarios and frequently changing business models, our world-class management team of domain experts, and our consistently satisfied customers.

How’d We Do Overall?

MGI analysts identified Gotransverse as one of the “leading suppliers that can provide a good balance between the ability to support reasonably complex billing scenarios and agility for both B2C and B2B accounts.” The report mentions our strong market recognition, visible brand, and strong relationships with major cloud suppliers like Workday and Salesforce.

This is our fourth year in a row to receive positive ratings from the MGI report and our highest score to date.

“With the release of the latest Agile Billing Buyer’s Guide we get a detailed look at the competitive landscape for agile monetization, and we are delighted to see our platform receiving top marks and recognizing the strength of our management team. These excellent rankings demonstrate that we not only have a global market leading platform, but the right domain expertise, management team, strategy, and financial support to support enterprise customers as they continue to grow their subscription businesses.” - Gotransverse Founder and CEO James Messer

We recognize that the MGI 360 scale is very demanding, and companies need to be exceptional in their market in every aspect of their business in order to command higher scores, and we’re honored to be ranked so highly in their latest report.

Read more about the report and download it here. If you like what you read, we invite you to take a tour of the Gotransverse platform and call us to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.