Last week, we told you we were headed to Copenhagen to present our Catalyst project at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World. This week, we’re even more thrilled to announce that our project, “Supercharged Edge-Aware Marketplaces – Phase II,” created in partnership with Verizon, Vodafone Group, Blue Planet, MATRIXX Software, and Salesforce, was named the winner of the “Best Ecosystem Design” award!

We are honored to win this award for the second year in a row, and we love to see our work validated as critical to the rapidly evolving communications industry.

“Receiving the Catalyst Award for the second year is extremely gratifying, and it demonstrates that we have developed a 5G marketplace that could change the telecommunications market,” says Gotransverse founder and CEO James Messer. “It is gratifying to share this award with industry leaders who came together to create an inspired solution that will have a lasting impact on CSPs and their customers.”

The Project

This year’s project, “5G B2B2X Supercharged Edge-Aware Marketplaces – Phase II,” is a continuation of our 2021 Catalyst Project, which was also named Best Ecosystem Design. It demonstrates the power of real-time business and network intelligence to unlock new 5G monetization opportunities made possible by network slicing and multi-access edge computing (MEC).

Here's the description of our project from the TM Forum awards listing:

The Catalyst created a common digital marketplace where customers can understand which edge services are available in any given location so that CSPs can make it much easier to market and sell edge computing. In deploying these localized edge stores, CSPs will gain a much more sophisticated understanding of demand and be in a far greater position to adapt and adjust pricing."

To share more details, CSP services are typically charged using network-centric metrics such as data or minutes used. The edge-aware marketplace goes further, incorporating knowledge of resources available at the service location. As a result, CSPs can capitalize on dynamic pricing based on network orchestration activities and value-delivered usage. Automated revenue sharing is built so CSPs, application developers, device vendors, service providers, and edge network operators can share income.

"The TM Forum Catalyst Project has allowed us to demonstrate a practical approach to monetizing next-generation 5G services,” said James Messer, founder and CEO of Gotransverse.

Of course, any great innovation must be a team effort. Just as CSPs require partnerships to give their customers the full benefits of 5G, we couldn't have created this catalyst project without our incredible team members:

  • Verizon
  • Vodafone Group
  • Blue Planet (a division of Ciena)
  • MATRIXX Software
  • Salesforce

The Award

The TM Forum encourages its 850 member companies to collaborate to solve complex, industry-wide challenges, deploy new services, and create technology breakthroughs to accelerate change—all in the benefit of helping communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers transform to thrive in the digital era digitally.

The Catalyst projects, first launched in 1997, are a fast-paced, high-impact illustration of that goal, with teams collaborating to create innovative solutions to challenges plaguing CSPs. The Catalyst awards recognize the most revolutionary proof-of-concept demonstrations that advance the telecoms industry.

To select this year’s winners, a panel of independent judges singled out Catalyst projects in 10 categories from among 40 teams demonstrating proof-of-concept solutions to challenges facing CSPs and their technology partners. The criteria for the awards consider factors such as industry standards, impact on global sustainability goals, and noteworthy contributions to the acceleration of digital transformation throughout the telecoms industry. “As a neutral, non-profit organization, our awards ensure a prestigious and impartial view, celebrating success and delivering valuable peer recognition,” says TM Forum. “Fairness is key, and our new judging process uses both empirical and subjective data to make sure we are showcasing our top teams for one of the most coveted and renowned honors in our industry.”

Given the high standards and steep competition, Gotransverse couldn’t be prouder to be named a winner with this year’s Catalyst project, and we are thrilled to bring back what we’ve learned and created to support our own CSP clients better as they navigate the 5G future.

Beyond the Catalyst Award: Gotransverse & the B2B2X Marketplace

The Gotransverse intelligent billing platform is ideally suited for an application such as a B2B2X Marketplace. Gotransverse is a scalable platform that handles complex pricing, billing, and revenue management. As part of a B2B2X Marketplace, Gotransverse supports monetization at speed. Communications service providers (CSPs) must partner with other technology partners to develop new ecosystems to drive revenue from 5G, drive innovation, and maximize revenue streams across multiple market segments. A 5G B2B2X Marketplace offers a catalog-driven monetization platform that enables vendors to provide products and services without risk. The Gotransverse billing engine mediates the transaction, including billing and revenue sharing.

To learn more about how Gotransverse drives growth through monetization — for CSPs and clients in a wide range of other industries- we invite you to take a virtual tour of our billing platform today. Then, when you're ready, request a demo to learn more.