Last week, we announced our team catalyst project, Supercharge 5G Monetization with a B2B2X Marketplace, was a finalist for the TM Program's Catalyst award for the "Best Ecosystem Design" category. This award category recognizes the team that best uses CurateFx throughout their project cycle to define and capture business requirements, design their ecosystem, and scope the project.

Today, we're thrilled to announce that our team forum catalyst project — which includes team members from Salesforce, Verizon, M1 Limited, Matrixx, and Mirakl — was selected as the winner!

"To be named a winner is a true achievement, and we are incredibly proud of our team. It has been truly inspiring to work with these leaders to design a catalyst project that we know will have a powerful impact on CSPs and their customers."
- James Messer, Founder, and CEO, Gotransverse

(See the complete list of winners here.)

The Right Team for the Job

Our Catalyst Project set out to demonstrate how multiple vendors can collaborate to create a catalog-driven monetization platform that offers 5G-based products and services. The Marketplace is designed to use automated, third-party service delivery, including partner account management, revenue share, and settlement.

"We were thrilled to work on a project like this, as applications like B2B2X Marketplaces are right in the Gotransverse wheelhouse," said Brian Reid, VP of Sales, Gotransverse. "Our platform is designed to support monetization at speed, no matter how complex the pricing, billing, or revenue management models.

However, any great innovation must be a team effort. Just as CSPs require partnerships to give their customers the full benefits of 5G, we couldn't have created this catalyst project without our incredible team members and their marketing team.

The Award

The TM Forum encourages its 850 member companies to collaborate to solve complex, industry-wide challenges, deploy new services, and create technology breakthroughs to accelerate change—all in the benefit of helping communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers transform to thrive in the digital era digitally. The Catalyst projects are a fast-paced, high-impact illustration of that goal, whereby large and small companies collaborate to create innovative solutions to challenges plaguing communications services providers (CSPs).

To determine the winners, a panel of 20 independent judges reviewed the projects from the shortlist of 22 finalists, using both empirical and subjective data to identify the top teams for what TM Forum calls one of the most coveted and renowned honors in our industry. Judges were looking to celebrate the most revolutionary successes in these efforts, considering the advancement of industry standards, impact on global sustainability goals, and noteworthy contributions to the acceleration of digital transformation throughout the industry.

"Through the power of collaboration, we can connect, inspire, and ignite change for good to tackle some of the biggest barriers in telecoms. The TM Forum Catalyst Awards are a chance to honor the innovative and creative minds within our industry. This year, through the 41 Catalyst teams, we have seen evidence of how we can unite to drive transformation within society, business, and the wider world. I'm delighted to congratulate this year's outstanding Catalysts and the proof-of-concept solutions they have developed together."
- John Gillam, Chief Digital Officer, TM Forum

Given these high expectations and the steep competition — over 500 people across 151 companies participated in this year's competition — we are ecstatic that our project was recognized as the best in its category. We are also deeply inspired by the work of our fellow winners and competitors.

Beyond the Catalyst Award: Gotransverse Champions the B2B2X Marketplace

The Gotransverse intelligent billing platform is ideally suited for an application such as a B2B2X Marketplace. Gotransverse is a scalable platform specifically designed to handle complex pricing, billing, and revenue management. As part of a B2B2X Marketplace, Gotransverse supports monetization at speed. Communications service providers (CSPs) need to partner with other technology partners to develop new ecosystems to drive revenue from 5G, drive innovation, and maximize revenue streams across multiple market segments. A 5G B2B2X Marketplace offers a catalog-driven monetization platform that enables vendors to provide products and services without risk. The Gotransverse billing engine mediates the transaction, including billing and revenue sharing.

To learn more about how Gotransverse drives growth through monetization — for CSPs and clients in a wide range of other industries, as well — we invite you to take a virtual tour of our billing platform today. Then, when you're ready, request a demo to learn more.