Crafting a bullet-proof business case is undeniably a difficult task to undertake for any project but is even more so for enterprise billing transformation projects. Not only can the business value of a billing transformation be difficult to quantify, but billing also touches virtually every area of your organization. Billing is without a doubt one of the most critical business functions of any enterprise. The transformation of an enterprise billing software solution requires a significant amount of research and coordination to craft a compelling business case that all parts of your business can align with and that can be sustained over time.

To assist enterprises taking on such a critical endeavor, Gotransverse offers a strategic but practical approach to help ensure your company attains an accurate and optimal ROI (return on investment), as well as a strong and well-rounded business case. Anchored in a unique customer-centric approach, the Gotransverse process is part of our overall business-value strategy that begins early in your journey and continues throughout the life of our engagement as the vital backbone of your successful billing transformation.

Gotransverse's ROI Model

The Gotransverse ROI model is part of our overall Value Management Office designed to assist our customers to realize the maximum potential of a billing transformation. The model follows a flexible approach aimed at identifying, realizing, and quantifying business objectives: What is your organization’s top strategic goals? What are the main drivers for starting this project? How are results to be measured? It then moves into a comprehensive understanding the customers-of-the-process and understanding pain points across the organization. We help you evaluate a day-in-the-life for each business function connected to your billing and invoicing processes. Each Gotransverse customer is unique in “how” their business operates, so we design a tailored set of Value Statements that help guide you through the process that is uniquely valuable to you.

Gotransverse ROI Calculator

Next, we look at the relevant value drivers that define your business and inherently emerged from pain points we’ve jointly identified. We then collaborate on what we can quantify or reasonably approximate. Data can be highly varied, complex to access, or even may be non-existent. With that in mind, we establish the right financial model that leverages what can be quantified, the available data you are willing and able to provide, and what assumptions can be made to fill in any missing components. Each customer is unique, but we are able to build on our decades of expertise and history to help you fill in gaps and ensure that best practices are offered for areas that are difficult to quantify.

Build Certainty in Your Business Transformation

All ROI models are by nature subjective to a degree and have some level of assumption built in. Because it is impossible to measure actual ROI until the project is complete and the assumptions play out, we take our ROI models through a multitude of stress tests to make sure the inputs and assumptions continue to tell a realistic, evidence-backed story. We also run our models over multi-year projections. This helps us better understand the impact of one-time costs and to anticipate when “full value” is realized. The phasing of rollout, cutovers, and other implementation factors are unique to each customer, so we make provisions in our model that help you test different implementation scenarios.

Ultimately, we deliver an executive summary and dashboard that encompasses relevant financial figures, tangibles, as well as intangibles of your solution, all formatted to meet your audience's needs. Our Value Management team remains available throughout design and implementation to help collaborate with and guide key stakeholders in the realization of business value and to communicate what is needed for the transformation sponsors as the project evolves.

Ensure the Right Problem is Being Solved

At the heart of Gotransverse, business value and our ROI model is the goal of solving the right problem. Projects of this size and scope tend to shift over time, and every stakeholder involved will have a different measure of what success means. All too often projects fail or are seen as regretful because buying teams weren’t aligned on what the business was intending to achieve in the first place. The business case and ROI is an important artifact that is often the crux of any justification for investment because it shows financial feasibility. However, the resulting cross-organizational alignment that we help ensure with our process can hold far more value for successful billing projects in the long run.

At Gotransverse, we see business value simply as “the way we do business”. It’s engrained in our DNA. We focus not just on our customer’s journey but ensuring it’s a value-driven journey at every step. This post is part of a series about business value and what it means for our clients. The next installment will cover how we utilize this as part of our implementation strategy.