Following the banner year 2022, Gotransverse is thrilled to be diving into the new year headfirst, charting an exciting course for growth in 2023. And it all starts with a powerful new product release designed to enhance our user experience and, even more effectively, empower our clients to meet and exceed every billing goal in the new year and beyond.

New Release Highlights

You can visit our documentation sites for all the nitty gritty on this first release of 2023. Here, though, we’ll showcase some of the new features we’re most excited about.

New Interface

One of the first highlights our users will notice is the updated user interface we began rolling out at the very end of 2022, with full adoption across the platform in the new year. Inspired by customer feedback, the crux of this update is that our GTV 1.0 user interface now matches the style and layout of the GTV 2.0 user interface. The consistent look and feel across all applications provide users with a single, uniform platform that is easy to navigate without switching between interfaces. (Read more about it in our December 2022 preview blog post!)

Bill Cycle Run Auto Approval

Automating workflows can seriously impact process efficiency and accuracy for any busy and growing business. That’s why we’re so proud of this new feature, allowing users to opt for bill cycle runs to be approved automatically rather than manually. This feature is optional—our clients can opt-in whenever they’re ready—and when it’s selected, the bill cycle run is automatically approved when it reaches the “Generated KPIs” step with no user action required.

Enhanced Reporting

We know robust reporting functionalities are critical to our users, and we’re happy to have added two new standard reports to our reporting tool:

  • Journal Entry Review by Service: This Accounting report provides a list of accounting entries related to services provided, and its results can be filtered based on any criteria.
  • Unbilled Usage Report—Pending Charges: In an effort to help mitigate revenue leakage, this Billing report provides a list of usage events that have not yet been invoiced (pending charges). The filterable list includes details of each usage event and the services it involves.

In addition to launching these new reports, we’ve added serious enhancements to our 13 Month AR Ledger Report to make it more user-friendly and insightful for our clients. Take a look at our release documentation for details.

AR Ledger Run Mode

Users can now create and configure AR Ledger Run Modes—for one or multiple ledgers—to automate and sync their accounts receivable ledgers, making tracking, managing, and ultimately collecting outstanding payments easier. Like our other run mode capabilities, configuration and monitoring are simple and efficient, with our UI walking you through every step.

Single Sign-On Finally, in the name of streamlining administrative work, we’re pleased to offer single sign-on (SSO) for our multi-tenant users. Our SSO users can now access multiple Gotransverse tenants in a single environment. This allows users to work more efficiently without compromising data security or tenant privacy. With the SSO application, the connection to each tenant within our system is mapped using a combination of the tenant’s SSO Audience and the user’s SSO Username.

This Is Just the Beginning

These highlights are just the beginning of a busy new year for Gotransverse. There’s much more to our latest release and much more to come, as well, as we unroll an exciting roadmap of quarterly product updates designed to make our clients’ billing lives easier than ever.

This will also be a year of growth for Gotransverse as, in a moment when the economy is forcing companies of all sizes in every industry into layoffs, we are fortunate to be in the opposite position, with big plans to grow our team in 2023. We were honored to be named one of Austin American-Statesman’s Top Places to Work at the end of 2022 and one of Built In Austin’s Best Places to Work at the beginning of this year, and we’re looking forward to building that momentum by adding even more incredible team members to the Gotransverse family.

To learn more about Gotransverse—and everything we have in store for 2023—we invite you to take a virtual tour of the Gotransverse platform today. Then, when you’re ready, request a demo to speak directly with one of our experts.