We know the process of identifying the right billing platform vendor is daunting, and here at Gotransverse we know just how important that perfect partnership is. That’s why, this summer, we’re spending some time walking agile monetization platform seekers through some of the most important things they need to look for in a platform and vendor and illustrating some of the key characteristics that set Gotransverse apart from the crowd.

Last week, we looked at all the ways Gotransverse’s configurability empowers users to customize the platform to meet their every unique need. Today, we’re focusing on how the platform’s agility not only permits but empowers users to grow, scale, and evolve their businesses.

Why Is Agility Important?

No matter what they’re looking to purchase, customers today have a huge range of options, and when one vendor doesn’t — or can’t — meet their needs, they’ll move on. So your organization’s ability to understand and respond to market demands quickly is paramount to keeping customers around. But that kind of agility is easier talked about than implemented, as MGI Research found recently that 32 percent of companies struggle to implement new service and pricing plans quickly, and only 29 percent can do so in less than four weeks.

So what’s holding them back? Often, it’s the very billing systems that are meant to be empowering these changes. Legacy systems can’t often keep up with rapid growth and shifting, and even many of the brand new, off-the-shelf offerings today are built on outdated, costly technologies that make it all but impossible to accommodate new technologies or business changes.

Your organization needs a platform that can change and grow along with you, and the Gotransverse platform was designed just for that.

Agile Billing with Gotransverse

Some platforms are only efficient up to a certain usage volume or number of invoices or pricing models — and once you surpass that number, an additional purchase or a billing specialist is required to keep the system functioning. By the time you’ve invested in professional customization services to make the changes you need to make, the market has moved on and you’re behind again.

But the Gotransverse platform is designed to make business model changes quick and easy, without needing a billing expert for configurations, meaning you can give your customers what they want, almost before they know they want it.

Here are just a few of the ways we power agility:


For a detailed look at how the Gotransverse platform empowers businesses to scale their volume without scaling their efforts, we invite you to take a look at our recent blog post. But the long and short of it is that our platform is elastic, meaning capacity fluctuates with users’ needs, and it’s designed to multitask, managing many processes at once to handle millions of transactions in near real-time. So your growing business can manage growing rating, invoicing, and reporting needs without significantly increasing their processing time.

Flexible Pricing & Product Catalog

As usage data reveals insights about how customers are buying your products and services, you’ll want to adjust packages, bundles and pricing to take full advantage, maximizing cross-sell and upsell opportunities and giving consumers even more value than before. And that means you need a flexible product catalog that can accommodate endless product variations and billing configurations without creeping into SKU sprawl territory.

With the Gotransverse platform, it’s easy to adjust pricing configurations to take advantage of promotional offers, trial periods, demand-based pricing, and more — and evolve all of that as necessary to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Complex Revenue Recognition

Of course, pricing products and collecting payment are only part of the story. Recognizing and reporting that revenue are critical, as well, and if your organization’s business model includes high volumes of transactions or complex usage and rating models, you need a platform that can automate the process to ensure up-to-date, accurate data at all times.

Gotransverse’s revenue recognition engine includes native subledgers to manage complex revenue recognition policies, as well as sophisticated COAs to help accurately track every dollar and update ongoing compliance with the latest regulations.

These are just a few of the ways Gotransverse’s agile technology empowers your business to grow and change on a dime. To learn more about our platform and determine whether Gotransverse is the right billing partner for your organization, we invite you to take a tour of our platform and then call us to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.