We are excited to announce that we have added QSC, a global leader in high-performance audio-video equipment and ecosystems, to the Gotransverse family. The QSC team provides equipment like loudspeakers, amplifiers, digital mixers, and audio processors for commercial use in movie theaters, conference centers, theme parks, and businesses, and they were gearing up to launch its first subscription enterprise software offering: Q-SYS™ Reflect Enterprise Manager, a cloud-based management and monitoring system designed to troubleshoot and control remote digital AV devices. They soon realized this new type of product, a subscription offering with free trials and multiple additional service tiers would require a new sales and recurring revenue model.

QSC reach out to Gotransverse, and we were happy to help!

"Offering subscription sales of AV management software is a new departure for QSC and we chose Gotransverse to help us design the billing systems because of their reputation and their ability to work with us to design a global billing solution customized to our needs. We also chose Gotransverse because it was the best platform to integrate with our current technology stack. As our enterprise software strategy continues to evolve, we are confident that Gotransverse can help us expand our subscription software sales." - Claudé Zamboni, VP of IT, QSC

We worked closely with QSC’s team to configure the billing system that would most readily meet their new needs — and be adaptable enough to grow with them. They needed to automate user license tracking and invoicing and to accurately bill customers based on their service tiers and the number of authorized devices under management. The Gotransverse platform includes robust capabilities for managing QSC’s network of referral and resell partners, so QSC can offer licenses through channel partners as easily as they can sell directly to customers — and handle commissions and discounts without a hitch. We also wanted to be sure the Gotransverse platform operated as part of a well-functioning ecosystem, so we established airtight integrations with QSC’s existing technology stack to manage licensing, handle revenue recognition and integrate billing into the broader QSC business processes.

But QSC’s new system doesn’t stop there. They’re a global company, and they’re currently offering Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria, with plans to expand even further soon. That meant we needed to equip them with global commerce capabilities like regional invoice templates, local currency and tax systems management, localized notifications and more.

Planning for the Future with QSC

“This enterprise software release marks an exciting new opportunity for QSC, and we are delighted that our team was able to provide a versatile, scalable billing system that can grow with their needs.”  - James Messer, Founder and CEO of Gotransverse.

The Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager is an exciting new opportunity, but we know it’s just one of many for QSC. Gotransverse has become the foundation for the company’s growing enterprise software strategy and, as it grows its enterprise software catalog, we’re ready and eager to support new billing strategies and business models. Adding new products and subscription models will be a snap, and as the customer base grows in volume and geographic reach, the billing system won’t bat an eye. In other words, getting set up on the Gotransverse platform has been an important step for QSC in future-proofing its business.

“With the Gotransverse intelligent billing, we know we can develop new software pricing strategies that scale globally and add new subscription products at any time and easily include them in our catalog.” - Claudé Zamboni, VP of IT, QSC

You can read the full case study detailing our partnership with QSC here. And when your organization is ready to implement powerful billing processes to support evolving business models and growing usage needs, please reach out to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.