When we talk about digital transformation we also are talking about creating new business ecosystems. As transaction systems and online operations become more complex, it has become increasingly obvious that no one vendor can give you everything you need to run your business. The secret to digital transformation is being able to assemble and integrate the right components to address your unique business challenges.

In short, your business success depends on how well your solution partners play together.

There was a time when going with the big name, single-source solution provider was the way to go. That hasn’t been true for a while now, especially with the coming of cloud computing. Successful businesses rely on agility; the ability to seize new market opportunities and adapt their operations to better compete. That means being able to bring together the right solutions into a single extensible infrastructure.

The Value of Being a Workday Access Partner

That’s why we are delighted to be exhibiting at Workday Rising in Orlando again this year. Gotransverse is a Workday Access Partner and we recently received Workday Approved Integration status for our latest product the Gotransverse Connector for Workday.

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Gotransverse complements Workday by providing another level of intelligent billing to handle sophisticated pricing, billing, and revenue recognition at high volumes. Working together, Workday and Gotransverse provide a powerful combination that simplifies billing while feeding aggregated data into Workday general ledger – partnership in action.

Gotransverse was developed as a cloud solution to help companies make pricing a competitive advantage, enabling flexible, dynamic pricing including support for complex rules and dependencies. While Gotransverse is an ideal pricing engine to handle billing, invoicing, and revenue recognition at high volumes, transactional data still needs to be integrated with corporate financials running on systems like Workday Financial Management.

Our new Gotransverse for Workday Connector enables customers to set up data transfers with Workday Financial Management as needed, without affecting daily operations. Using Workday Financial Management and the Gotransverse Connector for Workday in tandem makes it easy to handle large volumes of subscription and billing data. It also gives you granular control over data sent to Workday, organized as needed for business processing, including data mapping to optimize billing analytics.

You Don’t Just Want the Best Solutions, You Want the Best Ecosystem

We recognize that by working together we can deliver more value as an integrated solution than as discrete platforms. Workday Financial Management provides a centralized platform for organizational financials, providing real-time visibility into financial performance with the agility and speed needed to meet the increasingly complex needs of today’s online operations. The Gotransverse Connector for Workday makes it easy to set up transactional and revenue data transfers configured to your business, and transfers are seamless, making it easy to monitor and manage any pricing, rating, and billing tasks.

Bringing operations financials and advanced billing together in a tightly integrated system unifies receivables and revenue recognition in ways that deliver unprecedented insight and value. Together we are taking sophisticated billing to the next level.

No enterprise technology should be considered solely on its own merits. Every solution is part of an ecosystem, so the partnerships are as important or even more important than core capabilities. At Workday Rising you can see Gotransverse and other Workday partners proving that the ecosystem is much more valuable than the individual parts.