At Gotransverse, we know that billing data is gold when making smart strategic business decisions. What are customers buying, bundling, or passing over? How are they paying—and how promptly? What kind of churn rate does the basic subscription have?

Deep, timely insights into key business metrics and billing data provide a powerful picture of performance, empowering leaders to make strategic decisions about customer retention, product development, and the bottom line.

But it isn’t always easy to manage that data—much less mine the raw numbers and transform them into usable insights. Gotransverse is here to help.

We're thrilled to offer our new Premier Data Access, a value-added service that provides our clients direct access to Gotransverse usage, billing, and receivables data. Premier Data Access sets a new performance benchmark with near real-time data access and greater scalability.

What Is Gotransverse’s Premier Data Access?

Gotransverse Premier Data Access provides clients with direct access to their billing data and makes it easy to export that data to business applications from the Gotransverse Snowflake data repository. Premier Data Access includes a data access pipeline that provides data access to all Gotransverse data. Billing and financial data are also transferred directly to the data lake for access by other business applications. You can view it in your preferred reporting and analytics tool and combine it with different data sets (like ERP, CRM, and provisioning data).

What does this all mean? It means your organization can get faster reports with queryable core and microservices data, run queries and view results like all billing accounts in Texas, or investigate anomalies for auditing purposes. Premier Data Access makes it easy to pull business reports or combine them with additional data sets. In short, with Gotransverse Premier Data Access, our customers get a 360° view into their revenue, all in the name of making better business decisions and growing the bottom line.

Access to billing data is essential for business operations and strategic planning. Mining billing data in tandem with CRM, CPQ, ERP, and other data sources can give you details about profitability and power dashboards that reveal more about your business. Having real-time access to billing data can be a true competitive advantage.

What Does Gotransverse Premier Data Access Include?

Premiere Data Access is offered as three data handling services, each designed to meet differing client needs.

  • Premier Data Extracts includes almost 30 standard data extracts, including accounts, services, bill cycles, agreements, payments, payment changes, refunds, credits, invoices, general ledger transactions, etc. Extracts can be sent to a customer's external storage location, such as Amazon S3, Azure, or Google Cloud, which includes predefined read-only downloads of your Gotransverse data and up to 50 extractions per month. And is best for "just the facts" users—those that need just the data.
  • Premier Data Share provides Premier Data Access views using Snowflake’s Peer-to-Peer Snowflake Share feature. With Premier Data Shar, connect your data lake to your Gotransverse data and combine data from multiple sources to your preferred reporting, analytics, AI, or ML tool. This option is best for clients who want to manage their Snowflake data lake.
  • Premier Managed Access gives customers a reader account to query Premier Data Access views on Snowflake. With this service, we do the heavy lifting for you. Rather than you doing it yourself, we send your Gotransverse data to a reporting, analytics, AI, or ML tool of your choice and combine it with data from multiple sources to give you that 360 view° of your data.

Learn More About Gotransverse’s World-Class Platform & Premier Data Access

For data-driven businesses that require additional reporting capabilities, Gotransverse Premier Data Access gives direct access to usage, billing, and receivables data that can be used with your preferred reporting solution, helping you combine, visualize and share the data that drives your business.

To learn more, dive deep into Premier Data Access, take a virtual tour of the Gotransverse Platform, and request a complimentary demo from one of our experts, who will be happy to show you how Gotransverse helps our customers meet and exceed every billing goal.

Get an in-depth, real-time, anytime look at billing performance with Gotransverse Premier Data Access.