Feb 21, 2023 Thought Leadership

Revenue Leakage: Don’t Worry, Bill Happy Series

Leaks are never good news, wherever they are coming from. And the same principle applies when we're talking about leakage in billing. Revenue leakage is the slow, unintended, and often unnoticed loss of money due to minor errors or gaps in billing processes that result in customer underpayments (or missed payments). How Serious Is Revenue Leakage? Like that tiny drip from your pipes, it can do significant damage in short order. To put some numbers on it, MGI reports that 42 percent of companie…
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Feb 14, 2023 Product Insights

Usage and Rating: Don’t Worry, Bill Happy Series

For B2B and B2C businesses alike, the way you package and price your offerings profoundly impacts customer buying behavior. And today, more than ever, consumers are looking for two things in the way they buy: flexibility and value. This behavior means offering pricing models tailored to customer preferences and enabling them to pay for only what they need. To make these offerings feasible, we have to look at two elements: Usage: measuring how much of a product or service a customer consumesRat…
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Feb 07, 2023 Product Insights

Agile Monetization: Don’t Worry, Bill Happy Series

Progressive businesses constantly evolve their business models to increase revenue, grow customer bases, and strengthen their market share. And that's especially true in today's uncertain economy; for many companies, innovation is no longer about growth but survival. However, one key criterion can make or break even the most innovative business models: whether the business’s billing system is agile enough to quickly and efficiently roll out these new products, services, and pricing models. Cust…
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Jan 26, 2023 Thought Leadership

5 Ways Billing Can Make or Break the Customer Experience

As both B2B and B2C consumers demand more control, flexibility, and value from the brands they buy from, businesses that want to attract and retain loyal customers know just how important it is to create a frictionless experience through every step of the process. In a recent Forbes article, Gotransverse founder and CEO James Messer takes a deep dive into how billing can be used to create that seamless customer experience. “Customer billing also must accommodate new buying trends,” he says. “Ju…
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Jan 19, 2023 Company News

New Year, New Features! Gotransverse Kicks off 2023 with New Product Release

Following the banner year 2022, Gotransverse is thrilled to be diving into the new year headfirst, charting an exciting course for growth in 2023. And it all starts with a powerful new product release designed to enhance our user experience and, even more effectively, empower our clients to meet and exceed every billing goal in the new year and beyond. New Release Highlights You can visit our documentation sites for all the nitty gritty on this first release of 2023. Here, though, we’ll showcas…
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Jan 11, 2023 Company News

Gotransverse Wins Built In Austin's Best Places to Work Award for Third Consecutive Year

We’re starting 2023 on a high note at Gotransverse, as we’ve been honored in Built In Austin’s 2023 Best Places awards for the third year running. We’re thrilled to share that, this year, we’ve earned a place on Built In Austin's Best Places to Work for high-tech companies and professionals. We’re in Great Company—In the Office and Throughout Austin We are honored to win this award again this year among many incredible Austin businesses on Built In’s lists. Austin is a vibrant business communit…
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Dec 19, 2022 Company News

2022 in Review: A Banner Year for Gotransverse

As another year comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to step away from the pre-holiday hustle and look back at some of the many accomplishments Gotransverse has achieved – and there are several that we'd like to highlight. First and foremost, my sincere gratitude goes to the entire Gotransverse team for coming to work (in the office and online) every day with the same tenacity, flexibility, and camaraderie you've always shown. And yes, I’m not going to lie, I’d love to see more of you in th…
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Dec 13, 2022 Product Insights

A New, Unified Gotransverse User Interface

Who says a makeover has to wait until January 1st? At Gotransverse, we're thrilled to be getting a jump start on "New Year, New You" updates with a new and improved user interface (UI) experience for our customers. The crux of this update is that our GTV 1.0 user interface now matches the style and layout of the GTV 2.0 user interface. The consistent look and feel across all applications provide users with a single, uniform platform that is easy to navigate without switching between interfaces.…
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Dec 06, 2022 Product Insights

New Whitepaper: How Logistics Disruption Changes the Face of Billing

Every customer who's found themselves eagerly refreshing the tracking status to find out when their latest online orders will arrive can tell you that transportation and logistics have undergone significant changes over the last few years. And no matter how impatient customers may be, those inside the industry feel the effects much more dramatically. No matter how goods are being shipped—truck, rail, or freighter—logistics and supply chain management requires some of the most complex transactio…
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Nov 29, 2022 Product Insights

Gotransverse Welcomes Expedient to the Cloud-Based Billing Family

We are thrilled to welcome a new client to the Gotransverse family! Expedient, a provider of data center and cloud services for the enterprise, adopted our intelligent billing solution to replace its existing on-premise system and expand its client offerings to include services that demand faster time-to-market than its previous billing system provided. Expedient is a full-stack cloud service provider, helping companies transform their IT operations through award-winning multi-cloud solution…
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