Oct 16, 2018 Blog

The Lasting Benefits of Simple Subscriptions

Despite all the buzz about consumption-based product and service offerings (and we do recommend them for several reasons), the simple subscription model remains a valuable offering for SaaS, marketing, AdTech, entertainment and everything in between. Evolved from the publishing industry’s newspapers and magazines, it’s a simple concept: customers pay a set amount every period (week, month, year, etc.), and they receive their products or services at the same frequency. But the benefits for both …
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Oct 09, 2018 Blog

Enabling Consumption-Based Services With Intelligent Billing

Organizations making the shift from traditional one-time purchases or standard subscriptions to consumption-based services require a new set of systems and processes to ensure the billing process is efficient, accurate, and easy for both customers and team members. An intelligent billing system like the Gotransverse platform enables these consumption-based services by empowering businesses to manage the entire quote-to-cash process, from order to revenue recognition, at scale. But what does tha…
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Oct 03, 2018 Blog

Streamlining the Order-to-Cash Process

Keeping Customer Relationships (and the Bottom Line) Healthy With more and more products and services being made available online, an increasing number of consumers and corporate decision-makers are expecting that they can acquire what they want or need quickly and easily with a simple and intuitive transaction […] This doesn’t just apply to the consumer world. It is especially true in the world of Software-as-a- Service (SaaS): fail to provide an easy transaction mechanism for your SaaS solut…
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Sep 25, 2018 Blog

Front Office, Meet Back Office

From CRMs to to credit card processors to catalog maintenance to order fulfillment to…well, you get the idea. In today’s sales world, whether your e-commerce, SaaS or service-driven, there’s a platform to automate and streamline every step of the process. Gone are the days of manual data entry and processing and all the hair pulling and human error that go along with them (and good riddance). However, with several disparate systems in place, a new risk arises: if those systems don’t integrate s…
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Sep 18, 2018 Blog

Launch New Products and Services Faster with Intelligent Billing

In this quickly evolving, consumer-driven world, we know speed and agility are key characteristics of a successful business. When market demands or user feedback indicates the desire for new products and services, a company that can deliver quickly will keep its customers loyal and engaged, while companies whose slow or outdated product launch procedures leave their customers high and dry will find themselves struggling to maintain their bottom lines. Traditionally, organizations’ back-office s…
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Sep 11, 2018 Blog

Does Your Organization Need Intelligent Billing?

Here at Gotransverse we talk a lot about the benefits of intelligent billing platforms, and we’re pretty convincing, if we do say so ourselves. After all, it’s what we do. But the reality is that not every organization needs intelligent billing— or maybe not quite yet. For some companies whose pricing models are simple or whose customer volume is small — and who intend to remain that way — intelligent billing might seem overkill. But for many, it’s a game changer and for others, could be a game…
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Sep 05, 2018 Blog

Enhancing the User Experience through Centralized Customer Interactions

Have you ever called a service provider with a simple problem, only to be bounced from department to department, repeating your name and contact information over and over and getting zero results? Suddenly the “simple problem” has eaten up a significant portion of your day and left you cranky, exhausted and unlikely to continue doing business with that particular provider. If this sounds familiar, you know the negative impact a scattered back office and decentralized customer interactions can h…
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Aug 29, 2018 Press Releas­es

Gotransverse Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platform

We are proud to share that Gotransverse has been included on the Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms for Q3 2018. To qualify for the Constellation ShortList, vendors have to meet 10 out of 14 criteria, including offering account management, alerts, billing complex workflows, configure/price/quote (CPQ), contracts, financials, invoicing, integration, partner platforms, pricing, product catalogs, and reporting and analytics. Constellation selects the list’s …
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Aug 28, 2018 Blog

Frankenstein’s System: The Trouble with DIY Billing Platforms

If your organization has outgrown its current billing platform, it’s a good bet you’re weighing the pros and cons of building a new platform in-house or contracting with a third-party SaaS and cloud-enabled software solution. At first blush, the homegrown platform may seem like a good idea. After all, why pay for something you can build yourself? But time and again we’ve seen companies devote countless hours and resources to DIY billing platforms (sacrificing other priorities in the process) on…
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Aug 21, 2018 Blog

How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Could Shape the Future of Intelligent Billing

In recent years, artificial intelligence has emerged from the realm of science fiction and become a very real tool that, depending on who you talk to, will either leave humans jobless and purposeless or improve businesses operations in every industry by taking over mundane and data-heavy processes and leaving human employees with more time and energy to think and work creatively. Here at Gotransverse, we’re excited about the ways artificial intelligence and its partner, machine learning, could …
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