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Aug 03, 2021 Thought Leadership

8 Things SaaS Businesses Have to Get Right to Deliver a Frictionless Customer Experience

This summer, we were thrilled to host a webinar with PwC on how businesses can leverage billing to drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth in the rapidly evolving monetization landscape. The webinar included insights from three expert panelists: Jared Schreff, Partner, Finance Transformation, PwCLaurie Fleet, Partner, Quote-to-Cash Transformation, PwCSean Daniel, Chief Financial Offer, GotransverseDuring the 45-minute webinar, the speakers shared rich insights into what leaders need to c…
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Jul 27, 2021 Thought Leadership

What Do IT and Billing Have to Do with One Another?

Once upon a time, billing was considered a standalone business operation. Maybe it was done manually, or maybe it one of many functions managed individually through a monolithic ERP solution. Regardless, billing was more or less accomplished in its own silo, disconnected from other business systems and operations. This approach may still work fine for small organizations with simple billing needs, but for most companies, it’s no longer sustainable – or prudent. As business models become more co…
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Jul 22, 2021 Thought Leadership

Gotransverse in Forbes: 10 Billing Reports That Matter to Your Business

“Since money is the fuel that powers business, tapping into billing data is critical to guiding business decisions driving growth. Understanding how to mine your billing platform to generate the right kind of reports can tell you a lot about business operations, cash flow and go-to-market strategy. You just have to know where to look.” - James Messer, Founder and CEO, Gotransverse, in Forbes Recently, Gotransverse founder and CEO James Messer wrote about the power of the billing process — parti…
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Jul 13, 2021 Thought Leadership

Why Is Billing Such a Big Deal?

At Gotransverse, we love to talk about the ins and outs of billing. From mining business insights out of mediation data to setting up usage-based models to finding the right monetization model to support growth, no detail is too nuanced for us to dig into. But once in a while, it’s important to come up out of the weeds and remind ourselves of the big picture. So today, let’s explore the one question that drives everything we do at Gotransverse: Why is billing so important, anyway? Let’s start b…
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Jul 06, 2021 Thought Leadership

The Customer Experience Demands Shaping the Future of Payments

Remember the days when you would approach the checkout counter and a cashier would ring up your items then ask, “Cash or check?” Today, those two options seem almost quaint. As customer demands and technology have evolved over the years, so have payment methods. Now, we can pay with anything from a credit card (“swipe or chip?”) or Apple Pay to Venmo or even Bitcoin. We can sign up for autopay and opt in for paperless billing, we can simply pay through the app or even pay in the future. The opt…
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Jun 29, 2021 Thought Leadership

Webinar Recap: 3 Things to Know When Evaluating Billing Solutions in a Changing Monetization Landscape

Earlier this month, we were thrilled to host a webinar with PwC on how businesses can leverage billing to keep their customers satisfied and their revenue growing even as the monetization landscape continues to evolve rapidly. Marni Burger, our Vice President of Marketing, moderated the webinar, which included insights from three expert panelists: Jared Schreff, Partner, Finance Transformation, PwCLaurie Fleet, Partner, Quote-to-Cash Transformation, PwCSean Daniel, Chief Financial Offer, Gotran…
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Jun 22, 2021 Thought Leadership

Subscription-Based Billing: The 4-1-1 on ARR

Recently, we outlined 10 key subscription billing metrics businesses need to track. Today, we’re going to unpack one of the most critical: annual recurring revenue, or ARR. This is a foundational subscription billing metric, as it indicates how much revenue a company — and its investors — can expect from subscription customers each year. In its most basic form, the calculation is straightforward: the number of customers multiplied by the amount they pay per year for their subscription. For the …
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Jun 16, 2021 Thought Leadership

Back to Billing Basics: Collections & Dunning

So far in our “Back to Billing Basics” series, we’ve covered revenue recognition, revenue leakage, mediation, and usage-based billing. Our goal with this series is to take a step back from the nitty gritty details of agile billing and instead share high-level overviews of some of its key elements. Today, we’ll look at collections and dunning — the processes involved in actually receiving payments from clients once invoices have gone out. Let’s start with basic definitions. Collections is the pr…
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Jun 08, 2021 Thought Leadership

Back to Billing Basics: Usage-Based Billing

In our “Back to Billing Basics” series, we’re revisiting some of the key elements of billing and critical billing platform functionalities. We’ve covered revenue recognition and revenue leakage already, and today we’re going to dive in to usage-based billing. We’ll cover what usage-based billing is, what it can look like, and what businesses need to consider before they make the switch from simple subscriptions or one-time payments to these more complicated (and more fruitful) models. What Is U…
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Jun 02, 2021 Thought Leadership

Back to Billing Basics: Mediation

Next up in our “Back to Billing Basics” series, let’s look at mediation: the process of converting raw usage data into information that’s usable for calculating invoice charges. This process is what allows businesses to bill on a variety of usage-based, consumption-based, and pay-as-you-go models, turning raw usage data into timely, accurate invoices customers can easily interpret and pay. But, like so many complex billing processes, mediation is easier defined than done. In a recent article fo…
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