Continuous Value Delivery for Billing Transformations

The process of billing and invoicing is the heart of every business. It is also often at the center of business complexity, where business processes and technology collide. Without proper agility and automation in billing and invoicing, lost revenue opportunities and costs associated with manual processes—together known as revenue leakage—will erode profitability and will result in missed opportunities for additional revenue, security and compliance concerns, and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Further complicating enterprise billing projects is the fact that they tend to expand into larger transformation projects across the broader scope of order-to-cash, the components of which are tightly coupled and evolve rapidly. We find that each customer uses a slightly different lens for how they perceive value and ultimately what they are trying to accomplish with their transformation project.

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A Seamless Value Chain

The concept of business value must permeate the entirety of the engagement lifecycle with your billing solution provider. No matter which stage of transformation your business is in, at Gotransverse we understand the challenges you face as well as the ultimate value that billing and invoicing should provide. Successful billing transformations focus on solving the right problems for your business, achieving the right outcomes, and measuring success.

We call this the Value Chain. Only addressing business value in the initial sales process is a common shortcoming with billing software installations. Instead, we start in sales with discovering value, we take it with us into implementation and design the solution in an optimal way to achieve value, and then ultimately into customer success where you realize the value of your investment, and then eventually grow your value.

The Gotransverse Process


During discovery, the focus is on uncovering the value and substantiating the financial viability of your billing transformation.

  • Understand strategic goals impacted by the transformation project
  • Connect the billing software capabilities to both business outcomes and technical requirements
  • Craft tailored Value Statements
  • Create financial models to quantify the value


Designing and implementing the solution to deliver the value defined during Discovery that will achieve the business outcomes while simultaneously meeting technical requirements.

  • Deliver a Value Framing Workshop to refine Value Statements relative to implementation and the “customers of the process”
  • Translate business needs into system design
  • Map decisions, design, and prioritization against Value Statements
  • Configure the platform to unlock full value


Measuring the value of your investment and the resulting business impact over time

  • Measure the initial ROI projections and other desired outcomes
  • Evidence of meeting the Value Statements
  • Investigate new found areas that could drive additional value
  • Remain relevant with stakeholder and business changes over time


Understanding what is next for your business and being an enabler for growth

  • Proactively communicate business direction
  • Partnership of solutions for complex business problems
  • Align with your roadmap
  • Unlock other growth avenues that impact your business positively

ROI for Enterprise Billing Software

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of a billing transformation is a crucial step at the start of your journey. To that end, we have developed an interactive calculator that is built on our decades of experience delivering complex billing transformations.

With customizable inputs, you'll gain insights into how modern enterprise billing software can streamline operations, reduce errors, and boost revenue. When you are ready, our team of experts will personalize a more tailored and comprehensive model specific to you and your value goals with a Value Framing Workshop.

Retrun on Investment